Monday, 21 November 2011

Sunday's Random Pics

Saturday was Mak's day in Shah Alam, but Sunday, hubs went back to Ayer Baloi. Pak Uda Seman who used to live in the Ayer Baloi house passed away, after a 2nd stroke in Sultanah Aminah Hospital. He was admitted on Friday for lung infection, had his 1st stroke, but lost the battle the second is really short....and org baik baik pergi dgn senang dan cepat....harap kita pun begitu jua....

So, there was was me, Hajar, Muhammad and Khadijah at home....I made some macarons for an order and found an old Canon 1000D camera that hubs gave me, now in the posession of Khadijah...and took random pics...
Yet to try Lavendar Cupcakes from this recipe book! Pic taken after solat subuh..
Satsumas...pic taken at ard 8.30 last night
Due to bulk order, I used silicon sheet! Pic taken at ard 5.30 am...
Kau kunci hatiku didalm hatimu.....Ramlah Ram's song that brought her fame....but I can't stand that song!  
I nak cupcake cone...referring to icecream cupcakes that she has been watching on Howdini!Oh Hajar...
Drying my tea towels good old Good Morning Towels using this one and those from Ikea!
Congo Bars with Butterscotch morsel...not the rezeki of Mak's guests, left a box in the oven...these are for Sarah, Kak Zaini's daughter who's sitting for SPM and in a boarding school!
She was in this the whole day yesterday...waiting for daddy to bring her swimming!
Oreo cuppies for an order.....pic taken at ard 9 last night..

kesudahannya...don't think it's about the camera...yup they make a difference, but i don't see much difference in how i express myself using a D90 and a 1000D...have a fruitful, blessed and healthy week peeps!


Edi said...

agree with u kak yani... sometimes people think great photos are because of camera.. tak jugak sebenarnyer.. (tho that plays a part too..).. usually sbb org tu punyer perspective.. lain org lain expressions.. and i love yours! ambik gambar byk2 k!

zarin said...

i ni dedulu guna good morning towels now dah tukar ke ikea towel yg rege 1.90 ke dah naik now ni?
btw, i ni tk reti guna camera canggih, asal dapat gambar clear dah ok dah for me and love looking at all those pictures tu esp tengok mata bulat hajar ;-)

Ribbon Clown said...

2 notes:

1)I love Hajar's lovely eyes..

2) I love Good Morning towel too hihi

i pun agree at ur point and Edi points pasal camera.. tak kisah camera ape,janji tahu guna.. huhu beli camera canggih, tp x tahu guna mmg rugi beli mahal2..

Wiz said...

Loving your pics!

Yes, you must know how to compose but if you have a good camera, your compositions become better. I don't have either!

THE DUO said...

Salam Kak Yani,

Saya suka lah tengok buku tu. Kat mana Kak beli ya buku2 tu? This coming mega sales saya nak ronda2 KL cari baking books yg bagus nih!


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