Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Rainy Sunday and Chocolate Macarons

It has been raining almost everyday lately, even if the sun is fierce is the morning, the afternoons or evenings are usually wet.....make me want to just be under my duvet! Where I live, we don't have any aircond unit in the house and I still use the duvet that I used during my student days...ahhh...heaven....

I have been getting requests for macaron classes, but time just don't permit. And I also got requests on how to make Chocolate Macarons...I have in my earlier posts put up that by Pierre Hermes', Nathalie's and David Lebovit's. All are fantastic recipes!

Today, I want to share with you here how to make Chocolate Macarons the French meringue way, and I used Jill Collona's Mad About Macaron's recipe....this is how I have been doing...and I love this recipe as it is simple and very chocolatey!
50g egg whites, aged for 5 days in the fridge
25g caster sugar
50g ground almond
10g cocoa powder, I used Valrhona cocoa powder...tqs Rima, who keeps me well supplied!
80g icing sugar
brown food colouring, I used a wee bit!

1.Prepare your baking trays with baking paper, or silicon sheet or Silpat. I used silicon sheet this time.
2.Prepare your piping bag, I snipped the tip to measure half an inch opeining.
3.Weigh your caster sugar.
4. Weigh egg whites.
5.Weigh ground almond, weigh icing sugar and sift togerther, set aside.
6. Whisk egg whites on medium speed until frothy, add hald the caster sugar, beat for another minute, add the remaining caster sugar.
7. Beat until you get dense meringue but still watery, add colour powder (I prefer this especially when I usually make my macarons at the wee hours in the morning...or on a rainy day), beat at high speed for about a minute, until you get a dense meringue but not dry.
8. Fold in half the ground almond icing sugar mixture, work efficiently to mix the meringue together. Add in the remaining dry ingredients.
9.Start macaronnage till you get a smooth texture that is shining but do not overfold. It is a good idea to stop to check the consistency of the batter....it should fall and smooth out itself on the count of 1 to 10...then it's good to pipe.
10. Pipe on your baking tray, rap the tray on your work top a few times to rid any air.
11. Let the shells dry for about an hour...it was raining heavily yesterday. I waited for an hour, the shells were dried a bit, while I continued preparing to make Nasi Tomato and Ayam Masak Merah for lunch.
12. Like always I dried my shells in the oven for about 3 minutes, and bake at 140C for about 18 minutes.

### All rights to this recipe belongs to the lovely Jill Colonna!
These were Salty Peanut Butter fillings, the rest were filled with Choc Chip Cookie Buttercream (oh, my new craze!)
...and...tadaaaa...Chocolate Macarons which I shared with Sara who came to see how I made this, yesterday!

...and, here's what I made the yesterweeks....
...from one teacher to the other teacher...ideas to make this from my sugarpaste teacher Wiz, and this is to top a cake for my Pastry teacher Safura!
White and Green Hantaran cuppies for Mar, who was my primary school class-mate, tqss Mar!
A Red Velvet Cake for Hantaran and some macarons for my other sugarpaste idole Nina...tqs Haslina, tqs Nina!

Let's brave through this wet wet week, you alls!xoxo!


lina said...

salam - Ya ALLAH cantik nya macaroon lama tak buat..ingat nak cuba lagi :)

KG said...

lina, moh kita bila lagi!

Janine said...

so pretty - really jealous that you get such lovely macarons all the time!

just wondering about the instructions - so i let it dry one hour, then dry in the oven before baking? at what temp should i dry in the oven?

Wiz said...


Edi said...

comel lote itu figurines! rase cam nak makan je!!!

Mrs & Miss Vanilla said...

Kalau buat macaroon kelas, jgn lupa bg tau ye...

Seronok betul tgk macaroon tu semua, as always 'mengancam jiwa n kalbu'...


Anonymous said...

*speechless* sebab every picture cantik! :')

KG said...

janine, i hv my bad macaron days as well! i heat the oven at 150C, then switch off, the stick the trays wt piped shells in (usually dried at room temperature for abt 45 mins or so) and let them dry in the oven for abt 5 mins or until they dry to touch. One caveat, the batter must good or else they'll dry but crack or wiuthout feet, etc.

KG said...

wiz...cute mcm you!

KG said...

edi! kalau mkn poop pun merah, wakaka!

KG said...

murni, kan macarons you dah lawa! i dont mind doing a project where we make macarons sama sama, hv not italian mtd or swiss mtd for a long time!

KG said...

farhanah...i pulak suka tgk yours bakes and stuff!!

Swinnie said...

There's something almost regal about these ones! Good thinking using food colouring, the most visually appetising of all chocolate macarons I've seen on the internet. They kind of remind me of the mahogany flooring that some courtrooms have...

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