Monday, 14 November 2011

A New Paradigm!

That morning I sent hubs to the airport, he had meetings in JB, and the late Mr CP had just established his firm in KL. Hubs was to take care of the KL office. I was about 36 weeks ++ preggers with Khadijah. Since, hubs was not around, I decided to spent the night at mom's!

I felt alright that day, except that I spent the entire day going to the toilet! It got worse when I got back from work! Was I having urinary tract infection? I thought!? After dinner and my Isyak, I decided to hit the sack......if I remember clearly, it was not half an hour after I lay in bed, I felt a gush of water burst! Did I pee in my pants? I got up, went to the toilet, there was no smell, just clear water...and yup there was a pool of water on my bed....I quickly grabbed my Johnson's Week By Week Pregnancy book, ....hoyeah! It was water from my water bag!

I woke my mom up, ayah drove his old Volvo with hazard lights on...I kept telling him to relax, I was not going to beranak yet....but I can imagine how nervous he was to see his first grandchild.......I gave birth after azan Maghrib the next day, hubs arrived just before I pushed Khadijah out!....and that was 17 years ago! and today Khadijah started her SPM exams......she was cool this morning, the BM paper was okay she said just now....and I'm the one who's nervous.

It felt like yesterday, I pushed her out,.....but now she's talking college, Alevels.....she has submitted a few applications for scholarships from a few colleges...she went through an ordeal at the PBUM due to a rectal biopsy that gone haywire at 3 months, survived a culture shock when she decided to move from a private school to sekolah kebangsaan and teenager moodswings and now left with "Cupcake" her hampster! we are now talking new uncharted territories for her and me......
Two Devil's Food Choc Cake with Choc Ganache and Buttercream for a set of twins...Batrisyia and Aqila, conceived via IVF, one embryo that divided the the mommy's womb, hence, they are pretty identical twins! Tqs lovely mama Yati!
*cakes with vanity sets were inspired by Fiza Chicquecakes!
...and these were for momma!Red Velvet cuppies!
...some macarons, and....
...and some Red Velvet cuppies for Hari Raya Haji! Tq Sharifah, tq Sha for recommending!


Rina NAR said...

ooo kak yani tell me about it...anak i yg br sek rendah time exam i yg rasa nak pitam..i wonder klo SPM nnt huhuh anyway, the cakes cute sgt!

Rima said...

Good luck to ur daughter dear.. dont worry shes gonna be fine.. insyallah..

KG said...

rina, kalau SPM mmg nak pitam, all other exmas i rilek jer hehe!

KG said...

Tqs Rima, cant wait to meet you nxt week!

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