Friday, 10 February 2012

Jom Buat Roti Jala!

I'm pressed for time, so this post is going to be a 'rojak' of some sort!

We went back to Ayer Baloi last weekend, after the photography workshop and the little ones' Lorna's classes. Got in Ayer Baloi at around 10 pm, unpacked and made a batch of macarons! From the last bake I still have not got it right with the oven there! Slept at 1...and the next day I baked some more!

While in Ayer Baloi, there is no need to cook, the food from the warungs are so good and reasonably priced! But I made Sambal Bilis with Belimbing Buloh on Monday as requested by MIL. ...and while I was hovering in this rm2 shop in pekan Ayer Baloi, I saw this mold to make Roti Jala! 

I searched for Mat Gebu's recipe, and made Roti Jala on Tuesday for breakfast. We left for KL at noon! 

1 cup APF
3/4 cups water
1/2 cup fresh milk, I used evaporated milk, didn't have any fresh milk at that time
2-3 drops yellow colouring
1 egg
3 tbsp melted butter or olive oil, I used butter
pinch of salt

Using a blender I blitz all the ingredients together, and started my kirai mengirai!

Tqs Mat Gebu for this recipe. Now I can say that I like Roti Jala, as so far I have never been satisfied with those that I bought. And I must add that making this kueh tradisional is not easy. I had to tweak the consistency of the batter by adding a bit more water...and at the end of the whole session, my kitchen tops were full of those dots from the batter! Haha, but it was well worth making especially when having them with Chicken Curry!

...and the other activities....

Life's a beach in Ayer Baloi!...from Donna Hay's latest issue!

...errr giving my hand at food styling, LOL!

Making my favourite macarons, Coffee Macarons using Illy Espresso Powder! I like!

I also made shells in orange, pink and green! 

Sloppy Muhammad!

Hubs wanted Pavlova and......errr look at the error, the shadow on the bowl...cewah after attending that class, I can comment!

and Rainbow Cake ...and cupcakes for Hajar!

Sandwiched with Blueberry Filling, sedap! ...angkat bakul sendiri is fun!

Roast Chicken for dinner!

Yusof's favourite...Sambal Kicap! Pound using a mortar and pestle 2 clove garlic, 5 birds eye cillies, 1 tsp salt, 2 tbsp brown sugar, 1 tbsp fried onions (if available), squeeze some lemon or lime and mix with some soya sauce! I used Habhal's Sweet Soya Sauce! We had this with Cencaru Bakar!

We munched Mee Siput with Sos Cili...a lot!, that's it and I delivered this macarons this morning for AHA and Syed! Passion Fruit, Coffee, Blackcurrent, Apple Cinnamon and Milo Cheese filling! 

Have a wonderful weekend! I'll be busy baking! :p


ijayuji said...

Salam rindu kakak cantek!!! lamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sgt tak dtg sini, ni kita dah ada mood sikit nak BW :D baru nk warm up sikit2 :D akak sihat? tgk roast ciken akak tu terasa mcm nak memanggang jugak lama sgt tak panggang ayam sekor2 :D

MamaTim said...

Aargh tadi dah type comment tapi jari ni dah tertouch screen ntah tang mana, semuanya hilang!
anyway nak cakap haritu dah dpt resipi roti jala ni fr another blogger tapi i belum try sebab nunggu my Mak cari mana dia dah misplaced the acuan. She told me not to buy a new one coz she doesnt need hers anymore, tungggguuuu je laaa huhuhu

Tapi since i trust u more, rasanya nak try yr version lah... and that sambal kicap looks mmmm yummiest, oooo guna bwg goreng kaa, nnti nak try la

KG said...

arah...rinduuu kat you! dok salin resepi kueh semua tak buat jgak!

KG said...

timah...pilah pekan rabu belia acuan, rsepi mat gebu ni sedap!towards i dah malas i buat pancake wakaka!

Jay said...

wow...sounds amazingly tasty..
just found your space..awesome space you have..
excellent recipe collection with stunning cliks..
Am your happy follower now..;)
do stop by mine sometime..
Tasty Appetite

Rima said...

Ahhh dah update pun.. walau pun we talk almost every day ku tetap tunggu ur update hahaha

Woahhh itew sambal kicap memang lah enaks buk!

Dr. H said...

mee siput and sos chili interesting..pohon recipe? ke dah beli dah siap?

Thumbelina said...

Kak Yani.....the rainbow cake looks awesome ! i should try it la for the kids.... just make butter cake kan ?

Mummy Nana said...

Salam... Cantik2 nya kek n semualah dlm blog nie. Suka sangat. Nak tanya, kaler hijau rainbow kek n macaroons tu guna food colouring apa ek? Thanks.

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