Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Peonies! I wish my life is a bed of peonies! 2012 slipped in without all us even realising it...and now we are a,most stepping into March already! I have achieved quite a bit in this short period of time and of course I have failed miserably as well in some areas.

2010 and 2011 were baking months all grouped together into years...I didn't attend any classes in that section or even at work, well, yeah the seminars that I attended were all work related as far as office was concerned. This year, I have decided that I should enrich myself, both in the baking arena and at work!....Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again!

Hence, I attended my first class this year which was a Food Photography was a short and basic class, but , opened up the universe to me! I have so many things in store that I could explore after that! ...Yup, I am attending another photography workshop soon!

...and last Monday, I took the afternoon off from work to learn this from a very young powerful lady! She knew what she wanted to do in her life, unlike me...still lurking in the dark sometimes! Anisa patiently took me through the whole module, which began at 2 and finished (albeit I had to rush her to assemble the flowers) at 6.30, as I had to fetched my little ones from Aunty Roopa!

She is very young, hence very patient, and most of all very inspiring! Thank you so much Anisa and Anita, I'll be back with other tutorials from you. Of course I love and can't thnak enough my first sugarpaste teacher ...heloo Wiz...wave, wave!!...We all have our stories, I mean why and how we started going into this baking arena! And from every teacher, I learnt different perspective of life...Hmm....

...and speaking of this, I have been faced with a few options, decision I have to make, with my baking and at work...think am ready for the next level......only I have to decide......

In the mean time, feast your eyes with this photos...not very well taken, as I was in between kneading and frilling the petals, but I think they are enough for our consumption!
 know, I think I have lived long enough to say that life is all about choices, and believe in Him entirely. He will guide the way, inshAllah!

# psst...I made Rose Berambaum's Classic White Cake (I made cupcakes) yesterday, but measured the jammies wrongly...thought of putting the recipe here, but I have to do it again! The cake was super delicious, we all couldn't stop picking 2 cupcakes at a go, but they weren't that pretty. So, I 'll put the recipe later when everything was right! hehe!

# This peonies are ready for orders, but please allow me at least 2 weeks notice. tqs.


Wiz said...

Waving back atcha yanie! Those peonies are gorgeous.

Edi said...

i wish i have your energy kak yani! the peonies are lovely, very!

Rima said...

Gorgeous!! nak jugak ku belajar but but... maybe u can open class bila i go KL??

Najmi said...

so prettyyyy!confirm i nk book u for my engagement cake n wedding cake!hehe:)

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