Thursday, 2 February 2012

Hari Wilayah, Anatomy Of A Macaron, Hello Mr Prime Minister!

 We, who work in the Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur had a break in the middle of the week yesterday, for it's FT day! Yeay! I loved it, but now am suffering from withdrawal symptoms, lol! Anyway, quite several interesting events took place yesterday! the night before, I made some macarons for the Food Photography Workshop on Saturday 4.2.2012. I bought some Garrets Caramel Macadamia Popcorns during lunch, and decided to crush them and sprinkle on top of my shells.....forgetting altogether that the caramel would harm them! Huwaaaa.....the macarons had feet and all, but they had holes as well on top due to the melted caramel! Blergh!And the chocolate macarons, I sprinkled salt flakes right after I piped them , too! The salt flakes attracted moisture from my humid air, and thus some of the shells didn't dry, and I had volcanoes as well...double disaster......but the the macarons were probably the most delicious I have ever made!

Well, from err we learn...I now know what to do if I were to sprinkle popcorn or salt flakes on my shells in future...which I would soon!

In the morning, I had my Nasi Kerabu breakfast at Mak Cik Kelantan in Ampang Jaya...while waiting for Ng Choong Yeam to open. I wanted to get some cherries....Khadijah wanted a Cherry Pie!....that too, had a story, huwaaaa!

I went home, made some more macarons to replace those that went wrong, and then, hubs took us to Publika. Publika is a new shopping mall cum offices next to Solaris Dutamas (where Nathalie Gourmet Studio is). Why housed BIG a grocery/supermarket that is big, yes and has almost everything that you are looking for....I mean from my flours to the table runners and baking utencils....I was in baking heaven yesterday, haha!

We had lunch (Tuna in Baked Potato for me) and of course the delicious cuppies at Wondermilk (with love!). And while feeding Muhammad and Hajar and chasing Muhammad as he kept running to the counter asking to take more cuppies, Tun Mahathir, his wife and Datuk Mukriz and wife and his grandchildren walked passed...I quickly grab my phone (ehem...) and ask Khadijah to get a shot! I have not in my life came close to this person, whom I really admire! 

Hello Mr Prime Minister...and no I was not preggers (this is what happened when one baked for oneself only)!!

Hajar and Muhammad...Muhammad said the milk for my coffee was his milk...whateverrrr!

I always like the interior of Wondermilk....what can you say about young kids who graduated form St Martins...must be awesome!

I got home, and started making this Cherry Pie....Hazirah and Aishah came over.......and guess what! After an hour in the oven, I realised that the cherries weren't pitted! wonder there were no juices oozing from my pie even though it was baked for an hour....I'll post the recipe tomorrow....funny or what??? I rest my case and decided to call it a day at 1 am!..Muhammad was still jumping about...he had his sugar rush from all the cupcakes that he had that afternoon! See ya!


mrs plain-june said...

wah! tun M!!! as smart as ever.. hmm.. must go to publika one day. sure jakun one! hehe..
kak.. i love your saying: from err we learn.

Thumbelina said...

hahahaaa...tadi I gi GE mall nak cari Cherries lagi, but elek !!! perhaps I should go to Ng Chong Yeam la lepas work esok....

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