Friday, 10 February 2012

Learning To Take Food Photographs!

Yup! I do! I have to learn to take photographs!....and I have to first read my manual, haha!

Indeed it was a brilliant class, short but compact! The class that was held  by was well worth going to! Sure it was a basic class. But the knowledge gathered could be applied and used for general photography. And what more to this class is that we could eat along the way...ha ha of course, we were taking food pictures! I didn't take that many pictures as I was busy taking notes and listening! Here are some shots......

Firts picture I took during the class!

The man himself...Pak Uda Ali, a chef and a food photographer and stylist.

Choc man, Chef Amir was also there with his chocolates!

Marriage of Cik Min's macarons and Kitchen Guardian's macarons!

I made this for the photo shoot, later packed some for Sherina of 4CakesinaCup!

...this year I will be attending many classes, I have two more coming in February and grow one has to change, to change one has to learn! I can't wait for those classes..we'll see!


...some cakes and bakes I made....

Macarons for Aunty Buntat, Apple Cinnamon, Blackcurrent, Passion Fruit, Milo Dark Choc Ganache! Tqs Aunty!

...roses are red violets are's my love for you....a real love story between H and A, brings tears whenever I think of them, tqs A! Am so happy for you!!

The rise of the Rainbow Cake, a married 2 recipes to make this cake, Happy Birthday Karan, tqs Adilla for this order!

Linda's and Ana's, tq!

...and some macarons for Aina, tq Aina!!


Rina NAR said...

love ur tag....i love the 2nd one :D

KG said...

rina, but nak jgak soh you buat, tapi tak bega lagi the sample you sent!

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