Monday, 25 May 2009

Happy Birthday Anis Anati!

Anis' 10th birthday was on 17.5.2009...Anis is my younger sister's youngest girl and my sister has only two girls! The weekend before her birthday, she came over to my house and saw me preparing the golfer figurines and cupcakes for SW's husband....she said, "Mak Long, Anis pun nak cake yang ada patung-patung....." She requested for small teddies and fairies! I pulak was dying to try the new Americolor colours that husband got, when he stumbled into this baking-supply shop in Jalan Teluk Sisik, Kuantan after he finished his matter there! Apa lagi, I happily volunteered to do the cakes for Anis! And I loved the electric pink, electric purple and electric green by Americolor.....don't you?!
That 17.5.2009 weekend, we brought the cakes to Anis after Ib's and Umar's Lorna class, and we had a little family celebration....Anis was beaming ear to ear..."errr...Mak Long, next year Anis nak............."


anedra said...

I so marvel at your strength. When I was a pregnant as you are - I was busy snapping my head off at every one that passed by. Just frying an egg would make me go beserk - what more a cake!

Take care you and love looking at the wonders that you come up with your cakes!

Fiza of ChiqueCakes said...

hiyaa..! i luv those colourful lil teddies..! thx for dropping a line at my site, nice to know you :D

MHB said...

KG -- 3 words from me to describe your cuppies: SUNGGUH MEMIKAT HATI!!!! sangat berkenan!!

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Kak Yani,

I am green with envy looking at the lovely cupcakes. Mana aci you teror buat, but I punya tak jadi?

Anyway, found a new hobby now, i.e knitting..(ceh wah). You tau tak sapa yang mula2 ajar i how to knit the chainstrings? My hubby..kahkah..dasyat tak?

happy birthday to anis..:)

Kitchen Guardian said...


nama pun kitchen guardian....yes i do snap at people...the engineers i work with!


am sure you can do better than me!


you so terrorlah, i love looking at yr creations!


done knitting during teenager, now kalau nak jahit kena pakai reading glasses....dah tua, ha ha!

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