Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Brownie Cheesecake and Baking With The Veterans!

Hiya you peeps! I thought that this month would be a quiet month, with very few orders, since I decided to declare an order free month...but, no! I have been busy! Work in the office has started to pile up, Ibraheem and Umar have adept to their new classes and friends, Khadijah has started her Alevels at Taylors under FaMa scholarship and Yusof looks like he's working harder than ever (planning to do Olevels next year!)! Hubs is working harder, and Muhammad and Hajar are getting cheekier by the minutes!

I have started my new year resolution, like climbing the stairs from the 10th floor to my office at level 15, having more positive thoughts...but still not cutting down my coffee and rice, yet....i lurve them!

Anyway...I have not been trying that many recipes that I should have! But I made this on Friday night...decadent Brownie Cheesecake! I got this recipe while blog hopping while waiting for my flight to S'pore in LCCT! Thank you "Browniegirl" for this recipe!


Brownie Layer
125g unsalted butter, chopped
150g 80% cocoa dark choc, I used Belcolade 70% dark choc chips
250g sugar, I used 220g 
2.5 ml vanilla, and vanilla bean, I used 1 tsp vanilla
2 large eggs
90g cake flour or APF, I used APF
2.5ml salt, I used 1/2 tsp
orange zest, I didn't use

Cream Cheese Layer
250g cream cheese
50ml fresh cream
70g sugar
2.5ml vanilla, I used 1 tsp
1 large egg


1. Prepare a square cake tin 23x23 inches, line with baking paper at all the four sides, grease. Heat oven at 170C.
2.Melt butter and choc, stir in sugar, vanilla. Add eggs one at a time, mix until smooth. Fold in flour that was sifted with salt. Remove half cup of batter, and set aside. Pour the remaining batter into cake tin.
3.Beat cream cheese and cream until smooth. Add sugar, vanilla and egg. Keep beating till creamy. Spread cream cheese batter evenly on the brownie layer and last, dollop brownie batter(that was kept aside) and using a toothpick, create the marble effect. bake for about 25 minutes, until the middle of the brownie is a tad jiggly, remove from the oven and cool.

It's rich and very brownie.....ieee...yup, one can splurge the calories with both eyes shut, hehe!

....and Sunday, I had visitors or rather veteran bakers from far far away Sungai Petani...Aunty Shidah and her daughter, Aunty Hasnah...of course Aida is the coordinator! They came to learn to make Macarons, Red Velvet cake and Pavlova! Aunty Shidah and her daughter Fiza have their own baking workshop in SP!Woot! Cayalah!

....and all this classes started when Aunty Shidah tried my Macarons and Congo Bars! So, I showed them how to make those bakes!

...mmmmm Pavlova! Yup, orders are open for Pavlovas now! I love all the fruits here!

Using parchment papers to bake Macarons! The macaron goddess were around...and the feet were beautiful! Aunty Shidah close this colours!

....what they took home!

and this Red Velvet Cake....my kids cried for their shares of Pavlovas, so there was only a quarter left at the point when Aunty Shida and Aunty Hasnah left! It was a good casual baking session with my aunties!

....some bakes I made last weekend! 

Red Velvet cupcakes ....and...

Macarons...Dark Chocolate using 50% Valrhona buttons, Passsion Fruit White Choc Ganache, Coconut and Blackcurrent White Choc Ganache...tqs Myra! 

....Devil's Food Choc Cake with Cream Cheese sandwiched, coated with Dark Choc Ganache using Valrhona Manjari Buttons and fresh starwberries for Cikmin! Tqs Cik min!

....and some macarons for Kak Ana!

I'll be very busy this weekend, I didn't realise that all and the only confirmed orders in February were meant for this weekend...trust me with my scheduling! Anyway, enjoy your week, peeps!


Mrs & Miss Vanilla said...

Knp x bagitau ada kelas mac n yg sewaktu dgnnya. Kita nak tumpang semangkuk...


illia said...

K.Yani dh stat blk mac class yer?any tips why yer some mac jadi hollow n lopsided feet? btw tat brownies look yummy!

MamaTim said...

amboiii jauhnya from SP.. U ni mmg baguslah Yani sebab x kedekut ilmu. I doakan Allah swt murahkan lagi rezeki you, amin..

aida yurani said...

Thank you Kak Yani for having us. Now Khairul is asking for Macs & Pavlova. He got to taste the Pavlova, dia suruh I try this weekend :)

KG said...

murni...casual class, but the aunties dah book i dari bulan 10 tahun lepas...you kan dah pandai buat macarons and all bakes cantik saja...mai borak dgn i sajalah:p

KG said...

illia, api panas sgt kot. cer try lagi!

KG said...

mamatim...amin! i buat apa seadanya!

KG said...

aida....buatlah sat saja nak bake pavlova tu!

Rina NAR said...

Happy baking & caking kak Yani!!!!....

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