Friday, 27 January 2012

New Macaron Flavors! gets addicted either in eating macarons or making them. I am addicted to making them, but lately I have also become addicted to eating them!! Because it is only when you savour the taste that you will be inspired to create different flavors. And for macarons, there are myriads of flavors either in the shell or the filling that you can create!

...and because I have decided to take a break from orders this month (err...well, sort of!!)...I had some time to try this new macarons!

Hazelnut Macaron with Coffee Latte French Style Buttercream! Loved coffee, loved hazelnut, loved this one! 

Cinnamon Macarons with Apple Cinnamon Curd in French Style Buttercream! Oh, this reminds me of winter in 28, Walpole Road!

Chai Macarons with Cardamom White Choc Ganache...for those who loved the punch of spicy cardamoms!

Slightly burnt..Pistachio Macarons with Lemon Lime White Choc Ganache! I like this one too!

Camomile Vanilla Tea Macarons with Coconut Salted Caramel filling...the best! The Coconut Salted Caramel reminds me of my grandma's Kueh Wajek!

I will not have the time try new recipes this weekend, I have a wedding cake to do tonight and another cake for Monday. It's a full day with the kids activities tomorrow, and I have a Nikah ceremony to attend on Sunday! So, see you next week, have a nice weekend peeps!


Rima said...

Rindunyeee.. dah lama tak bake macarons!

tireless mom said...

Why lah.. why lah... There are so yummy

Yat Maria said...

Hi Yani

I just love looking @ yr Macs besides Rima's. Sooo many colours & flavours.

I wanna try the orange colour next and will try to raid other kedai mamak..still trying to find that elusive purple colour :(


Kak Yani, the combinations are truly exotic.The taste surely dabomb!

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