Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Madelienes was a long weekend due to the Chinese New Year celebrations and we were supposed to go back to Ayer Baloi. But, on Saturday I saw one of the tyres of the mpv torn, and we couldn't get that fixed, the tyre needs to be ordered....and so, we were stuck in KL ...boring.....almost...not!

I decided to try new recipe and eat and sleep, that's what we did over the weekend! I made this Madelienes yesterday, made a Berries Tart on Sunday and made several new fillings and shells!...hmm...I feel fat just by reading this! Never mind, let's see....

2/3 cups all purpose flour
3/4 tsp baking powder
a pinch of salt
1/2 cup sugar
grated zest of 1 lemon
2 large eggs at room temperature
6 tbsp unsalted butter, melted and cooled

1. First melt the butter and let it cool.
2.Whisk flour, baking powder and salt.
3.Rub lemon zest with sugar and vanilla.
4.Break eggs into the lemon vanilla sugar, whisk with a hand mixer or a stand mixer until pale, thick and fluffy.
5.Using a silicon spatula fold in the flour mixture slowly.
6.Fold in the melted butter into the batter until well incorporated.
7.Bake at 200C for about 10 minutes.

While a lot of recipes ask to bake the Madelienes immediately, but Dorie , whose recipe I used, asked to let the batter rest for  several hours. This is to create bubbles so that you would have a bump when you bake those Madelienes.

Well, hubs and Ib and Umar couldn't wait, so I baked some immediately....and baked the rest after 3 hours! What can I say, the latter ones had nice bumps, and were fluffy, and soft and crispy somewhat! Madeleines are like sponge cakes, but what differentiates them were the soft, lemony texture and light cake that make you want just couldn't stop eating them! Well! Those that I made finished instantly when they came out from the oven!

I used this copper bowl that Tina got for me from the Pantry Magic! Love it!

Prepping the batter to chill in the fridge.

My constant companion in the kitchen, Muhammad!

I was so lazy to keep my was supposed to be a lazy weekend!

Muhammad is into trains and busses now!

Oh yeah, I made 5 new filling with new shells for my Macarons..this is was Coconut Milk Salted Caramel, simply love it!

# btw this Berries Tart is open for order :p

Since we were still dreaming of Sherina's Berries Tart, I made this on Sunday, I had a slice, Khadijah and Yusof had a slice each, Ib and Umar shared a slice...and the rest belong to hubs, yikes! He goes to the gym daily, so it's ok, I think!

So, what have you been up to over the weekend!? Cheers, see you again!


MamaTim said...

Love all your pics here, esp the ones with Muhammad.. kiss the baby for me :)

KG said...

mama tim....tak dan nak food styling what not, muhammad dok main chak cahk bila i snap pics!

Anonymous said...

salam kak, berries tart tuh how much...terliuq nengoknya...tq

Dzah said...

salam kak. recipe for berries tart pls... :)

KG said...

anonymous, berries tart is rm90 for a 10 inch tart! tqs.

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