Thursday, 12 January 2012

Food Styling and Photography @ The Dessert Table

You know when I started blogging, it was because I wanted to share my journey of my trials and triumphs in baking and cooking. And this blog was created by hubs for that purpose...I didn't even know how to create my  own blog! I knew very little on how to post my stories....well...I am still learning to tweak my blogger account, as you can see, LOL!

And then, I started taking pictures of the bakes and dishes that I made...and I realise that food actually "look" inviting and more delicious at certain angles and colour and colour temperature.....I was using a basic dslr then, which last year I upgraded to a basic Nikon's all about preference, but I feel that the distortions and the colour temperature of pictures taken using a Nikon camera please me! I was using a basic lens that came with camera...only knowing what ISO means.

Last year I started looking at beautiful pictures captured by people like Tartellete, Aran of Canelle Vanille, Rima of Bisuos a Toi, Faizah of Ribbon and Circus, What Katie Ate...and try to improve my photography...I read a bit about the other functions like speed, white balance, aperture and develop the interest in not only food photography but food styling.....there is so much more to learn...I'm getting there, slowly but surely!

With the extras that I kept from orders that I made, I traded in my Nikon D3000 and upgraded to Nikon D90 (D7000 was out then, but for some reason, I decided not stick with my D90)...and the next upgrade will be a pro Nikon camera for sure! I invested in a 50mm lens, also commonly known as a portrait lens, but later got hubs to present me a 35mm's the lens that I carry around almost all the time, for close range pictures, portraits or landscape, now...I love my 35mm lens!

I wish to join Aran in Dordogne this Fall...I have yet to get the green light from hubs or From  Plate To Page in May in South of England......we'll see! But for now, I'll be joining this Food Styling and Photography Workshop with Pak Uda Ali  on 4.2.2012 organised by a fellow baker, a sugarpaste guru Farida of The Dessert Table. You will be paying a fraction of the price that is usually required to, and fun and food is promised!

Farida has not asked to prepare some macarons, which I did for the previous session....but I am so looking forward to this! The fee is rm260, and the session is from 10 to 3 pm. You can email me of call Farida at 0133554399, ya!

Who knows baking and food styling and food photography would be my calling, soon!


Anonymous said...

Kak Yani,

Nak kena cakap juga
I will be soooo envy of you if you manage to join Aran in Dordgone :)
eeeee bestnya kalau dapat pergi kan!


Dr. H said...

hemm..baru dapat jawapan...Rima guna apa ya?

SOHO Mama said...

Yani, photos of food are definitely an art of its own. I rasa my Canon (basic jugak..EOS1000D) dah penat asik ambik gambar gift baskets je LOL :)

MamaTim said...

Yani. I'm so glad u said Nikon and not other brand coz looks like I too have started on the right track.. tho tooooo far behind, I don't even understand abt ISO yet, apa lagi yg lain lainnya... LOL. Kalau u dududekat my house, mau I ngan thick-skin nyer pi belajar step by step ngan U!

I'm so proud of all yr achievements, you set the standard for us women quite high though hehee


Always working smart and hard!She's right about setting the bar high. You are one amazing woman and difficult to emulate! Stay hip!

KG said...

Lin, I wish!

KG said...

Dr H, Rima pakai canon 550d wt a 50mm lnes.

KG said...

soho mama, oklah tu! i still use my canon 1000d, cantik apa pics dia!

KG said...

mama tim, just click away...i semua baca online saja, and snap snap and pulas pulas!

KG said...

royal jester, you are my inspiration!

Dr. H said...

KG, Thank u, musta take note of all these spec, in case rasa nak beli nanti.

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