Thursday, 6 January 2011

Butter Cookies

Ok, ok one last recipe that I owe a reader before i become totally submerged with my work and my an email from my CFO early this morning...and the wave is definitely coming.....

I have had tasted this kind of Butter Cookies before, but failed to achieve the result I wanted (the one that melts in your mouth) from all the Butter Cookies recipes that I have tried until I tried this from nasilemaklover. And, I think this recipe is apt as Chinese New Year is around the corner...or for all of us to make and keep (ah well not for long!) in our kitchens! Or for those of you who would like to make gifts for your Chinese friends and families!

The secret to this recipe and the buttery taste is of course the good quality butter that one uses....and I used SCS salted. Think you can chill the batter once mixed in the fridge to firm it and roll and press using cookie cutters....I just pop them in a piping bag and pipe on baking paper and drizzle some hundreds and thousands before baking....once baked, my children one container each with them munching them while playing around the house...see, how good they are!

Anyway, here goes the recipe......
200g butter, use good quality ones please! And I used SCS salted and it was yummeh!
50g icing sugar
150 all purpose flour
50g corn flour
Choc chip or hundreds and thousands if you wish

1.Heat oven at 140C.
2.Beat butter and icing sugar until pale and light.
3.Add in all purpose flour that had been sifted with corn flour, in four additions....I folded the flour using my hands, lightly knead to incorporate the ingredients together until my hands are clean.
4. Using a piping bag and a nozzle, I piped the batter on baking paper and bake for about 20 minutes and the cookies had turned light golden colour.
5.Cool and store them away in cookie jars...or you can eat them right away!
The piped batter!

Have a brilliant week ahead, I'll probably post again next Monday, Tra!


tina_bakes said...

i love this...they're so pretty!! takpe yani, we are not muak of your posts...sesibuk mana pun kat ofis, you need this diversion for mental health!! all the best with the office thingy

mai.. said...

just tried this.. so yummy....... this is the best ever

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