Thursday, 24 February 2011

Rose Macarons

I am having a very hectic schedule both at work and in my kitche at home! And this is a bit overdue, but am still in the nick of time to just post this on mac-attack-16-macs-are-in-air ! Both my hubby and me are not creatures of Valentines' Day...hey...Valentine is an everyday affair for us...woot! But making Rose Macarons...hmmm.....
I came back from work last night and thought I'd better catch this opportunity with MacTweet by whipping some Rose Macarons...have always wanted to do this using dried rose petals...but all I have available was Rose added a few drops of Rose Essence while whipping the meringue, and decided that White Chocolate Ganache with a hint of Rose, by adding a teaspoon of Rose Essence would be a perfect combination for this macaron!
....and the result...voila...a divine sweet romantic Rose Macarons!....I went to bed last night with the smell of roses...hmmm....

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Want To Know The Egg White Story?

Hmmm....egg whites...they have never had any interest in me until I started making macarons...yes macarons...and....all, even the sleepy bakers will lift their chins! Egg whites and macarons...meringue and if all done wrongly, one extra stroke, one less'll get amaretti biscuits or meringue cookie instead of macarons....

I had bought this book from Delicious Ingredients along side Hisako Ogita's Macarons Book...I have only tried a few recipes from this book...but they are the kind of recipes I'd love to try...they are messy, chewy and gooey...pretty much like me, hehe....but what really interest me when I grabbed this book was the short write ups about creams, chocolates and of course egg whites!

So, let's today learn a bit of the behaviours of egg whites....they are lame, cool, but if wrongly handled, can be very temperamental....heh...sounds like me !
Let's begin with some excerpts from this book on egg whites.... you fear making meringue? Like I used to? Have I beaten them enough? How sure are you if it stiff or not? What is soft peak and stiff...a bird's beak...what ? what? Why do I have to add cream of tartar? 

Separate Cold Eggs
Egg yolk and whites will separate easily when cold or taken out from the fridge....hehe, I usually break my eggs at room temperature...and there have been many a times, the yolk would spill into the white...fret not....use the empty egg shell to lift the yolk would magically attract the yolk....try it if you didn't believe me. I separate my eggs by dribbling them through my fingers...and please, please wash your hands clean before you start baking...and use clean kitchen towels every time you bake....I do that all the time!

Keep The Whites Fat Free
Ahah...very very important! One slight drop of fat, or yolk or oil, would inhibit the egg white's ability to trap air and hold it, hence, you would not be able to even whip them...been there done that! hehe...go on try this and tell me if you can whip meringue frm egg whites with traces of butter or yolk!

Add Cream of Tartar
Before the advent of electric mixers, egg whites wre beaten in copper bowls with wire whisks. The elements in copper combined with egg white tend to stabilise the egg white and allows them to whip properly....nowadays adding cream of tartar ensures the stability of the egg white and allows them to develop dense, creamy and foamy meringue....I usually add a pinch of cream of tartar when whipping my meringue for my macarons...

Use A Metal Bowl
Well, you cant find copper bowls anymore, use a stainless bowl. Plstic bowls are poor choices as there might be traces of oil sticking to it, and glass bowls are too slippery that would not let the whites to cling to them, hence difficult to form a close tight structure as us meringue.

Start Beating Slowly
Yup...I do this the beginning to get the meringue get to shaving foam beating slowly you trap more this point the meringue is stilly jiggly and not cling to the bowl...yet! At this point you can add a pinch of cream of tartar....emmm I usually add them at the beginning of whipping...

Beat To Soft Peak
Soft peaks are formed when egg whites develop soft, cloud like mounds with well defined peaks that slowly curve down when the beaters are lifted, they do not cling to the side of the bowls but shift when moved. With this texture, they are good for souffles, mousses and cake batters, they are firm to hold their shape and incorporates well with other batters.

Beat To Stiff Glossy Peaks
Ahah...when making meringue for macarons, you have to have this texture...they are usually formed when sugar is added into them, get it get it.....when we add sugar gradually to meringue for macarons...right! they are stiff so much so that they would not fall out when the bowl is turned upside down...and the beater when lifted will have a bird's beak standing at 45degrees! At this stage the meringue is good for pavlovas, meringue cookies and of course macarons hehe!

Don't Overbeat
Once the stiff glossy peak is formed, stop beating...stop please, otherwise overbeating would cause the whites to separate and become dry and granular...and eventually the whites will collapse!

Always add the meringue to other batters or other ingreadients, as doing the other way round would deflate the meringue. Always add one third of the meringue, fold carefully to incorporate the batter....and as for macarons, I have tried doing this that is adding the whites to the almond mixture, they worked well too! But I usually fold the almond mixture to the meringue, incorporating them all before doing the pressing the batter to the wall of my bowl, to let the air out a bit...overdoing this would defalte the meringue and you'll end up with watery batter.....
Well! That's a bit of a write up on egg whites...and here's some macarons I made for a fellow blogger on Sunday noon....Hazelnut Macarons with Peanut Butter Jelly filling, Espresso Macarons (using Illy Espresso!) with Espresso Buttercream and Almond Macarons with Cream Cheese and Lychee filling.....the macarons were a bit tan as I was in between customers who came to collect the cakes....notice the pointy tops...think I need to run another stroke on my meringue.....

Monday, 21 February 2011

Choc Bottom Banana Squares

I was in between bakings on Saturday...still had the Milkadeal orders trikkling in...also my existing confirmed orders that I had to adhere to...but I knew I had to do something to satisfy my crave....for a new recipe and my tummy , haha!

I had some bananas...Pisang Emas, so, while waiting for my bake to be ready I whipped this....simple and easy....done in about half hour....
1/2 cup butter, about 113g- I used Tatura salted
1 cup sugar- I used 3/4 cup...pisang emas is usually very sweet
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
1 1/2 cups mashed bananas- I used 8 small ones...should have used more...i lurve pisang emas!
1 1/2 cups flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 cup cocoa powder- Van Houten like I usually use
1 cup choc chips  
1.Prepare cake tin....I used a 10x10 inches shallow cake tin.
2.Cream butter and sugar. Add in egg, vanilla and mashed bananas, mix well.
3.Sift flour with baking powder, baking soda and salt. Add to the creamed mixture. Mix well.
4.Divide batter in 2 portion, in one portion add the cocoa powder.
5.Spread the cocoa portion at the bottom of your tin, and top off with the remaining cream batter. Sprinkle with choc chips.
6.Bake at 170C for about 30 minutes. Let cool, I cut mine into 16 squares.
Well, I had 2 squares at a go....sedap you...I would consider this a Melayu version of Congo Bars...easy to make and very delicious too! Perfect for afternoon tea or a quick pick me up after a long day in the office :p

Thanks Anie and Rima for this recipe!

Friday, 18 February 2011

My Blue Proton

......yes my blue Proton, the humble Iswara, the much loved sedan of mine rammed into the car at the front that braked suddenly on elevated highway whilst going to work....bang kaboom....I am okay but the front part of my baby is a wreck! All reports and documentation are done....but I'm still contemplating whether to claim the damage from the insurers or fork out from my's not all rosey....but happy but for this pain on my neck and shoulder due to the impact, I baking continues......
I made these babies Almond Macarons with Cream Cheese and Lychee and Green Tea with Green Tea Cream Cheese for Azleen, thank you fellow Legal Counsel!

Think I have replied to all mails....and I realise that there is an overwhelming request for macarons....will cook up something to ease you to order and me to make them....sooon.....keep a look out ya....happy weekend peeps! 

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Lapis Marie Cheese

Hi all! This is probably the easiest kek lapis (layer cake) there is to make! I first tasted this about two years ago during Eidul Fitri ziarah (visit) to my MIL's bestie's house in Batu Pahat. Auntie Milah's DIL is from Kuching, Sarawak...the land of kek lapis....the cake is rich and creamy, something like tiramisu, but without the espresso taste....Ita came to join our dinner when we were in Ayer Baloi recently....and moi without segan silu asked her for this recipe.....hubby loved it, and all the kids couldn't stop digging in into this wonderful dessert! goes......
1 packet Marie biscuit
1 packet Chocolate Marie biscuit
300ml whipping cream, I used the one that is at least 30% fat content
250g Philadelphia Cheese, at room temperature
250g condensed milk....or you can add to your liking
shreaded Kraft Cheddar Cheese
Preferably a loose bottom cake tin....I didn't have one in Ayer Baloi, so I used a 7 inch square cake tin

1. Whisk cheese, until creamy, add whipping cream and condensed milk, continue to whisk until well incorporated and creamy.
2.Pour a cup of cream and cheese mix, even out at the bottom of cake tin.
3.Arrange Marie Biscuit, and cover those parts entirely by breaking the biscuits.
4.Next pour cream and cheese mix.
5.Arrange Chocolate Marie Biscuit, and cover parts not covered entirely by breaking the biscuits...
6. do that and so on and so forth, but make sure that the last party is the cheese cream mix, and before you chill the cake, shread some Kraft Cheddar Cheese on top of the cake.
7.Chill overnight.....

and have it for breakfast like I did ...muahahaha......and ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY! 

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Joie de Vivre...Ayer Baloi!

It was a long was the Chinese New Year weekend! It was an opportunity for us to have a short breather, a quick break ...of course in Ayer Baloi! I needed to clean the kitchen, scrub the bathrooms, and vacuum and mop the we pushed off early Thursday morning! Got there at around 10.30 am.....the kids helped unloaded our stuffs...and I, after having my morning dose of Nescafe...escaped to my baking bliss....
Frangipani and old urn at the courtyard...
Lunch that day, no need to cook I told MIL...the catch from the nearby warung was scrumptious and as good if not better than our cooked assam pedas!
I made Marble Nutella cake for dessert!
In the evening we grilled some teruboks and kembongs and chickens for dinner...
Yusof taught Khadijah her first driving soon I have a driver!
Hajar and her bubbles from Ah Peng's!
Yusof crooning away wt my notebook!
A simple hantaran (gift) cake for an was for Kak Ana's (my tea lady) son whose fiance lived 20 minutes kan! Design was inspired by my sugarpaste guru Whiz .
Kak Ana also ordered these macarons!
After seeing Kak Ana's macarons, hubby asked for his I made these...Almond Macarons with Cream Cheese and Lychee filling...he had 5 in a go! And these babies finished in a blink!
I also made this Green Tea, Orange Peel, Vanilla, Hazelnut and Chocolate Macarons for Mag for CNY gifts...
And....before we left for KL on Sunday, I had this for breakfast...apakah.....Lapis Marie Cheese....recipe will follow! your life like you enjoy a Goreng Pisang you alls....loves, Kitchen Guardian!:p

Monday, 14 February 2011

Seeing Red.....

All favourite Estee Lauder Signature Lippy No.56 Terracota, Red Velvet Cuppie, sheer ribbon (sexy ain't it), favourite heat proof spatula by Cusineart (read:expensive, but I like)

Yup, it's Valentine's Day today (well, I never celebrated this day)...neither the peeps who bought the Red Velvet Cakes or Cuppies...but, I must say that I am indeed the life changing experience that I am going through after taking this Milkadeal challenge, baking the cakes (thank god except for my fingers....the red colours did not splatter all over my kitchen!) and meeting those lovely lovely people who ordered and collected the cakes...the Farahs of the world...the Nadyas of the world (one Nadya came all the way from JB!), the Hanis of the world...and of course the Timothy and Nicholas of all are just are soooo young and have achieved so much...I am truly inspired.....sure there were some who confirmed orders but did not turn the cakes were savoured with much delight by Hajar and Muhammad, hehe...habislah they'll be hyper...but hey, in a deal you win some (in this case I won lots) and you lose some......but am very very happy!Thank you you alls!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Hari Bersilat!

Today is hari bersilat!I have replied some queries, there are about a dozen more....I will revert and also post recipes and things I did in Ayer Baloi over the CNY break and also reply haiyyak!I feel ike I'm Tun Fatimah! have a brilliant weekend peeps!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Deal Is Closed!

Good morning peeps! My life had been on a roller coaster since this deal came up! And at the close of the deal last night a total of 276 vouchers had been purchased from! Most of the collection of the cupcakes and cakes will be this weekend! 

So, here's my thank you to you all who bought the vouchers and for your support in particular the blogger community (we rawcks!!), Shaun, the founder of milkadeal and Putri who approached me for this and my hubby who is my pillar...he will be minding the kids while I bake, yes, and nuffnang for blasting my adverts nationwide! And not forgetting all those pillars, those listening know who you are! I know there were still orders that came in even after the deal was closed, but we are sorry, we couldn't take in anymore, in order to maintain the quality of the cakes, you see! I have also received buckets of emails requesting for price list and queries regarding my bakes and cakes here in this blog...which I can only reply sometime next week...I will, and please be patient ya! I am indeed overwhelmed by your words can express my gratitude!

And for those who had missed this deal, wait up for another blast from mikadeal next week, also another new craze!! I got to find my apron and red colouring, I'll be with my oven from today, am on leave today and tomorrow.....and yes, the first order went out yesterday. And please bring along your vouchers when collecting the cakes ya....thank you peeps and have a brilliant day! muahhsss... 

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Bakes and Cakes

Time for thank you, you alls....and these were what i have been up to the past two weeks...
Devils Food Choc Cake wt Choc Ganache, Cream Cheese and Fresh Strawberries, thank you Huda!
Vanilla Cuppies with Vanilla Buttercream for Aniq to bring to his kindy, thanks Sharina.
Rusteze on Devil's Food Choc Cake and Choc Buttercream, also for Aniq, thnaks Sharina.
Vanilla Cuppies with Vanilla Buttercream for mommies, grannies and aunties.., thanks a mill Sharina!
Hmmm...this one is my cinta hati....Marble Cake (read: with a difference!), sliced in the middle before spreading Nutella!
Marble Nutella loaf, thanks Aida, Norlie!
1.5 recipes of Red Velvet Cake for their Boss, thanks people in PSI!
For a sweet girl named Kesha, Chocolate Moist Cuppies wt Choc Ganache and Vanilla Buttercream thanks Jess!
Love thy neighbours...Carrot Cake wt Walnuts and Raisins and Cream Cheese for CNY gift, thank you Kak Long Azmah!
Love thy employees....Devils Food Choc Cake loaf, thank you Chor Pee, Anwarul & Co...
My gift for a young boy Iddin! Thanks Tattee!
A weekend is not complete without these....Congo Bars for you to tango haha! Thanks Aida, Kak Zaine!
Red Velvet Cuppies for May and Shila!
Hazelnut with Salted Caramel Buttercream, Starwberry Nesquik with Vanilla Pastry Cream, Pecan with Maple Buttercream, thanks Lina!  
For CNY gift....Strwberry Nesquik with Vanilla Pastry Cream, Pecan and Maple Buttercream, Greentea with Passion Fruit Buttercream, Choc with Peanut Butter...thank you Mag. Mag also ordered Lapis Haw Flakes!

Thank you all for the support, till the next order :p

Monday, 7 February 2011

The Deal Is On!

Yup, the deal is on! I was approached by milkadeal to promote this beauties! Please visit for details. Enough said, I shall update more real soon!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

When My Zoo Neighbours Visited Me!

It has been years since we last took the kids to the take it for granted especially for zoo neighbours like us, who pass by the zoo everyday! So, on Thaipusam Day, we decided to take the kids and Khairul, Ibraheem's friend to visit our neighbours.....the habitat has improved but there were so few animals...unlike the zoos in Singapore...well, can compare with Singapore zoos only as we have only been there apart from our own! Anyway, here are some pics........
Ibraheem, Umar and Khairul
Ice cream and all....
Muhammad's raya day!
This is actually behind Kak Zaine's (my sister's sil's house...Taman Kemensah)
Once upon a time I wish I had long legs like flamingos and I wanted to become a stewardes! Imagine, now that I turned up to be a kitchen goddess almost, haha!
Hajar bullied hubby when she was all tired, hungry and cranky!
Khairul and Umar
Ahah...then about 10 days later, I found this hairy honey coloured creature walking about in my back kitchen when I returned from looks like a giant hampster or it could be a wonder all my onions were destryed earlier in the week...and that evening when I first saw this, I also noticed that all my daun kesum (herb), mint, frangippani, keffir lime, hydrangea and torch-ginger plants have been destroyed, some uprooted........think it's nocturnal, as it slept most of the day you can see it hiding behind my pots....a few years back we had a slowloris hugging the rail of my home staircase!

Anyway, the wildlife department came this morning and took it away for screening for any diseases or viruses before sending it to the zoo in Malacca......babye capybara??!! The wildlife department people said that it was a pet that was brought from overseas and let lose or it escaped!
And then, last Monday after I finished washing up and cleaning my kitchen, I saw this on my apron that was hung on the fridge hadle in my dry kitchen.....hmmmm....guess we are really warm people, so much so that we attrct not only friends but our zoo neighbours!
I gotta go, got to send out two comments before I break for CNY...Happy Rabbit Year!
Happy Chinese New Year!

We'll be in Ayer Baloi and I'll resume my baking and cooking there...been baking almost everyday from last Tuesday! Will update pics of cakes and bakes later, when I return...enjoy your break you alls! Thanks for visiting!
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