Thursday 30 August 2012

Erti Kemerdekaan....

...just realised that tomorrow cuti and it's 31st August Merdeka Day...eheh, all I know is I have to bake lots for my orders on Saturday and Sunday lol! ... and I got this book delivered by MPH Online, so I thought my real merdeka would be to rid off my boss ...boleh kah! Freedom is to be able to dictate what I do with my time, right! So, getting this book is just in the knack of time...I shall read it over the weekend. This is another title from Richard Branson's Virginity series! Earlier I read his Screw It Let's Do It!

..I made this cakes last night, 2 half recipes Red Velvet Cakes for Umar and Ibraheem's Merdeka Raya class party today. The cake weighs about 1.2/ 1.3 kg each.

...and I made this Sicilian Orange Cakes for a colleague in Maybank...

Guess I won't be blogging from home, I will be baking and delivering cakes and merrying myself with friends and relatives over at Raya open houses and birthday parties!

Merdeka Merdeka Merdeka....let's free ourself :p:p:p

xoxo Yani The Kitchen Guardian

ooooppps...I have not been putting new recipes here, so I realise whoaaaa

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Step by Step....

Hiya!...guess one has to take things one by one and step by step to get there! Here's the Hantaran Macarons that I finished last night, for collection tomorrow....need to age the filling with the shells, hence, my macs are made about 24 hours earlier. It was Ribena and Salted Caramel in French Buttercream and Passion Fruit White Chocolate Ganache, all my favourites!

...and I made this beauties too last night using the drying technique that I used for the oof-white macarons above....alhamdulillah no cracks nor volcanoes in any of the shells...will fill them tomorrow night....

So, I can say that mac making resumes!....and I took this plunge and registered The Kitchen Guardian...weehoo...look!!! tee heeeee...

...hope this is a tiny step to many, many other bigger steps, what do you think :p

xoxo Yani The Kitchen Guardian...

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Holy Macaron....

Cooling them macaron shell with the bottoms up!

...I figured that I should start getting into the grooves of macaron making after leaving it during fasting month! I have a new oven to test...well I have been testing and baking with Mastrad.....they were ok except that there were a few disaster ie volcano shells, but with nice feet...huh how? So, last night early morning, I decided to give them a shot, am behind my order for this week....baked one tray with all the shells dried, in the airconditioned hall, dining area.....nice feet with a few has been very wet since we came back from Raya hols, and it was raining also last night when I piped the shells....

So, for the second tray I decided to oven dry them first like I normally do.......after 15 mins (10 mins to dry in the oven, and 5 mins baking at 100C)...voila, nice feet no cracks whatsoever! Think I can make more macarons in this weather with this oven , teehee....chow for now:p:p:p

xoxo Yani the Kitchen Guardian....

Monday 27 August 2012

Hello Monday (blues) ...Not

Assalamualaikum, good morning!...ooohhh where do I begin??!! Blogging, working and baking?? I left this house for so was a real hectic Ramadhan and Syawal for me...I lost  a few kilos, and then gained over the syawal break.....I had coffee with cookies at the wee hours hours of the morning after doing the household chores and the visiotrs left lol, haha...what a foodie would do infront of all those cookie jars!

So, today am back at work...taking a breather now as I couldn't choose which to put my fingers in first! I have loads of pics to post, but mostly captured on my Instgram, I'm an addict now haha. ....and baking resumed last night with my first order, and more to come this weekend, open houses, birthdays and weddings all happening this weekend! In the mean time...enjoy this pics!

Trying to capture a moment with Muhammad before our family photoshoot at MIL's in Muar! Currently loving that bag from Cotton On!

...then while in Ayer Baloi, Pontian, I went jalan-jalan cari pasal in Johor Premium Outlets...hubs gave me an hour...I got a new bag from Oroton...women and handbags, what can you say...and am in love with this aviators...Ray Ban of course, perhaps a smaller one for me! in my fav Uniqlo blue shirt and Radiusite syria and my faux phyton Furla beg kepit!...and newfound love MAC Kinda Sexy lippy!

Del.ivered this first order this morning, done at 12++ last night. Tqs Ely!

See more of you soon, xoxo Yani, the Kitchen Guardian 

Tuesday 7 August 2012

Lebaran Treats

...gosh I missed blogging! ...I have been baking almost every night since last week. I still have my orders to do this week, but in between I managed to squeeze some baking for my MIL. My cookies and cakes will have to wait till after raya!

This year our raya preparation is very minimal...I got new clothings for the kids some two months before ramadhan....the kids got their new clothings once a year and that is during raya, we are not big into bajus and stuff. But this raya we are truly blessed, think I almost completed my little bakeshop if I wanted to , got my chiller, industrial oven, replaced my broken oven, an aircond unit in the living and dining area (for macarons and fondant, wakaka), an industrial as not to overuse my kmix....and new cars, alhamdulillah!...and I got a few new hijabs as well, not into fashion , but they come really nice nowadays, and with online shopping, things are made so easy to purchase.....ampun! tak nak beli dah lol!

Anyway, here's some cookies that I made. I also made Kek Buah Kukus, and will concentrate on cakes (lapisss???) from next Tuesday, inshaallah! Enjoy!

Biskut Samprit, recipe in this blog, original recipe from Lyana Mauseth who's flown back to Norway, sob sob.

Biskut Arab, recipe from Rina of Cantek Sekali Deli

Chocolate Sables, recipe from Rima...couldn't stop eating this last night!

Frambozen Kenari...oh my, super duper yums and 100000000 times better than storebought! Recipe from Azlita Aziz of Masam Manis!

.....jom dengar lagu raya...

Till then, selamat berpuasa xoxo Yani , the Kitchen Guardian

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