Monday 24 May 2010

When I Weep....

I didn't tell you this, but when I am challenged, and life drove me to the wall, I weep...and lately with the abscence of my helper, and when all the true colours of my children surfaced...I really feel the tests.....

But when I read about a dear blogger friend who's strongly fighting for her life and she could still smile and talk calmly with me, despite the persistent pain, while I weep...she gave me strength...her pesanan, and taqwa I use to my benefit to plod along.......thank you D....

Then, last night while I thought that things were better, the sobs of my MIL shoke me and all of us again....Azura had to be intubated, her platelet went really low and triggered bleeding in her right lung. I don't want to give further details about her, suffice to say that she too, is very strong and fighting.......I weep thinking about her, but, this are all His is not for us to question, but to seek the lessons behind this all.......I pray for the best from Him for D and Azura, amin....

And compared to what I am going through....I weep again and seek forgiveness from Him.... Picture taken two Sundays ago........

Wednesday 19 May 2010

Congo Bars...a cross between Brownies and Choc Chip Cookies!

I got this from one the site that I frequent Bakerella... . I finished vacuuming downstairs last night, and gave it a good mop, saw Ibraheem's and Umar's homework...and while Muhammad was going to sleep I quickly warmed the oven...

I wanted to try Chocolate Cherry Brownies (have tried Choccolate Cherry Cupcakes!), but didn't go out during lunch yesterday to get the cherries, so I settled for this. It is a bit of a breather this week with only two, allowing me to "smell" other recipes, ha ha! And, the office is also not screaming for me!

And, yes, after having this gem for breakfast this morning, Congo Bars were indeed a cross between Brownies and Chocolate Chip Cookie...crunchie and yet gooey and dense! Love it love it love it!

I didn't have chocolate chips (I usually have Herscheys, but always disappeared in the hands of Hajar and Khadijah!), so, I settled for my Valrhona buttons whioch I chopped. I had walnuts, but I thought pecans or macadamia work best in this gems! So, here we go again, I have tweaked the recipe! And I reduced the brown sugar from 1 lb to 12 oz only...and the results....tara.....
The Valrhona Manjiri (70% cocoa) and my Royal baking powder!
The batter with chooped Valrhona...
The cooked and cooled Congo Bars, still in the tray!
And, now ready to be savoured! Yums!
The recipe:
Congo Bars
2 3/4 cup all purpose flour
2 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2/3 cup butter, I used Anchor, Tatura has not been giving the right taste and texture lately!
1 lb light brown sugar, I used 12 oz only thank God!
3 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla
11.5 oz milk chocolate chip, I used 250g chopped Valrhona
1 cup pecans, I didn't have any, so skipped this.
Sift flour, baking powder and salt into a large bowl.
Stir brown sugar and softened butter, until all butter disappears and well incorporated.
Add eggs one at a time, stir well. Add vanilla.
Add chocolate chips and nuts, mix well.
Add dry mixture ie flour, baking powder and salt.
Bake ina 13/9 inch pan at 170 degrees Celcius for about 30 minutes or until the top is golden. Like baking Brownies, never over bake or you will have a hard brownie!
Tell me if you didn't like this!

Tuesday 18 May 2010

About Rights, Copyrights and Just Being Courteous....

You know, I didn't want to blog, initially! I used to think why should I tell the world about myself ? But hubby set up this whole thing for me, as in the setting up of this blog and coached me how to go about it (as like I have been telling that I can draw up a computer contract easily, but I'm not technology savvy at all!)

So, I set my mind that this blog would be about my sharing of experiences, good or blunders in the regime that I cherish now baking! I have also been taught from a very young age by my parents to share and sharing is good, especially knowledge! Hence, the sharing of the recipes and pictures of the very humble creations of mine.

But lately, I have been thinking whether I should keep doing this, especially the posting of recipes. I am making myself vulnerable to those unethical gremlins out there to manipulate the recipes by claiming them their own? Hish!

Let me just remind you this thing called Rights or Copyrights...I am not going to dwell in further in their legalities as I know, my intention of posting those recipes are purely for sharing of knowledge. Furthermore, it is from this majestic Internet world that I have acquainted with loads of knowledge and friends and many other useful discoveries, google and all.

I must also remind you that most of the recipes are adapted from other more accomplished chefs, hence, when I modify, I made a note to say that they are "adapted from", they are not mine, really!

And if I changed the recipes substantially, I would say "inspired by"...and

Perhaps if I changed 4 of the ingredients I may claim the recipes to be mine...but I have not done so, as far I can remember. I'm only an amateur, cooking and baking when I have the time. I still have my day job!

As far as cake decorating, I get inspiration from fellow decorators (hmm, I shouldn't be calling myself as a decorator, being an amateur myself! No, beginner is more apt!) But, I respect their craftsman talents, so I try to produce my own unique creations as best as possible using my personal flair, after maybe getting some ideas!

You see, I think for you to call yourself to be talented, you must first learn to produce something good using your own personal creative juices....

And, being in the legal fraternity, I'm always wary about this Rights, Copyrights thingy...if any creation does not belong to least be courteous ans seek permission, right!?
Hmm, let me "shoot you" before the legalities got you!
Have a beautiful day!

Monday 17 May 2010

When put to a test, do you break or make?

And I chose the later...and I baked and baked almost everyday last week, despite the odds! I experienced splitting migraines the last two Saturdays, but that, compared to those who are suffering terminal cancer diseases, it's nothing. I popped Panadol, Actifast and behave like I should be! And the results were these cakes..... Thank you Nooriza and Dr Kartina for this order, Vanilla Cupcakes for Saturday afternoon tea.
I sandwiched the cream cheese and strawberries in between this Devil's Food Chocolate Cake. It's for Lorina's anniversary, thank you Lorina!
Still a favourite, Devil's Food Chocolate Cake with Strawberries, Cream Cheese and Chocolate Ganache....thank you Ita, Zira and Kak Ezza!
All time favourite...Carrot Walnut Cake with Cream Cheese, thank you Norizan, thank you Rini, thank you Kak Ezza! Kak Ezza, next bertandang session I nak ikut!
Fayza wanted this silver, white and black for Fizi's hantaran.
And this "sweet" goth looking cakes went all the way to Kota Bharu, congratulations Fizi, thank you Fayza!
And these ribbons and roses were for Yatt's Tireless Mom's niece's engagement!Thank you Yatt!
Have a brilliant and productive week ahead you all! I will inshallah....

Happy Birthday Ibraheem!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY IBRAHEEM! My hero, the wise one, the diligent I know will take care of the family in the future...hmm he boiled water last Friday when he got home from school until all dried up....luckilly I came to the rescue at around 7 pm and the house didn't catch fire! He was afraid we would run out of ayarq sejuk, as that's all that he takes due to his athmatic condition!
Ibraheem wanted this cakes to bring to school today.

Saturday 15 May 2010

Cakes and bakes of yesterweek!

We are still getting used to not having a helper far we are surviving fine, but the whole household is chaotic...very chaotic at times! But, the best part, we have become closer to each other! And, hey, think we are enjoying the privacy at home without having a stranger in the house! But, the set back for me was that I had throbbing migranes for the past two Saturdays, which was not normal with me ! Ah well, I'm still surviving, so nothing much to complain......

I just wish to make thank you(s) for these orders last week! All time favourite, Carrot Cake with Walnut, Raisins and Cream Cheese, thank you Norizan.
Norizan also ordered this for her son, terima kasih daun keladi, lain kali order lagi ya Norizan!
Devil's Food Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese, Chocolate Ganache and Strawberries for Zira.
Zira also ordered this for her son, thank you Zira for your support and pinjamkan Wa to help out with my laundry!
These were Mother's Day celebration barbeque party, thank you waiting anxiously for "that" order!
Until the next order, tra!

Tuesday 11 May 2010

French Yoghurt Cake and Mother's Day!

What a lovely Sunday morning it was, to be making this cake in almost a dash (serious! It was very quick!) while cleaning my kitchen and Muhammad clinging to me!! And, the result.......DIVINE!! As usual, I have to give a twist to the recipe that I was trying, he he! So, what did I do?

I reduced the sugar by 20g and added 1 tablespoon golden syrup, and instead of using corn oil, I used melted butter of the same amount! I didn't like marmalade preserve, so husband bought mango, passion fruit and pineapple preserve (IXL's) to spread on the cake!

And like how fast I made it, the cake was gone also in a flash, when we ate them at my sil's house in PJ! I was there visiting her before she 'enrols' again in UMMC for her 4th chemo, and also to celebrate mothers' day with my mil!

Thank you Jen and Tina for this recipe, and I must get that Dorie Greenspan book, soon! For those of you who wish to try this recipe, please see here: .
Kitchen Guardian with Khadijah!
Kitchen Guardian's mom!
Kitchen Guardian's's very rare that you see her in this mode this days....but last Sunday, we were all merry! Thank you maks for making me the way I am today!

Monday 10 May 2010

Happy Birthday Kitchen Guardian!

This post was meant to be up on Saturday 8.5.2010, but you know, being without a maid and all, I couldn't catch the time to do then! The birthday is one thing but, most importantly, that day will always be remembered by me for the birth of the new, official "Kitchen Guardian", the mother, the legal counsel (for now), the baker, the cook, the cafe, the Kitchen Guardian!

I have many shortcomings now, but hey, if it is not now, it will never be! So, here's presenting you with , the site is still under construction, but I thought this is the best birthday gift that I can give myself...a start to many many more glorious things!

Have a brilliant and productive week you all!XOX

Thursday 6 May 2010

I'm soooo excited...

to blurt this out but I have to wait......soooonnnn.....friends sooonnnn....

Monday 3 May 2010

Getting To Know Aunty Roopa!

Oh what a maid I had been last week! Wahyan left for her two weeks break last Saturday...but after she had met her family, she had conveyed to the kids that her mother is not well! You know, the same old grandma story that they usually cook up to indicate that they are coming back to continue working for you.

I didn't want to wait longer or until she appeared at our doorstep this Saturday (if she was it would be a nice birthday gift for me!), so, I started looking for Plan B...a child minder or nursery. I went to Hadonah Adni, where the elder boys go for their formal education, there was a long waiting list. Being located in Melawati, it would be very convenient for me!

Then, I went to another nursey near UTM, Semarak, hardly a five minute drive from my office.....with Hajar clinging to my palazzo pants, I looked wearily inside the premises...nah! I haven't the heart to leave Hajar and Muhammad there. The babies were kept together, while toddlers played in their respective groups. There were a few other nuerseries there, but, I dashed to see Auntie Jean, Khadijah's and Yusof's kindi teacher in Jalan Pakat. Kindicare used to have day care!

"Yani, age is catching up, so, we all leave at 3 pm nowadays", uttered Aunty Jean....I love the environment there, it's quiet and the playground definitely was calling Hajar that day. "But then, I know this lady who does baby-sitting......if you don't mind", said Aunty Jean.

Yup, she is Aunty Roopa, a Ceylonese lady who had been baby-sitting children at her home for the past 14 years. I decided to check out Aunty Roopa as suggested by Aunty Jean, and guess what, both Hajar and Muhammad melted into the arms and toys of Aunty Roopa immediately when they saw her! She spoke to me about her vegetarian diet and others, and I thought that was the best that I can do for my babies!

As for ironing and lipat baju, Zira has kindly enough to allow her maid to come in weekly to finish that task with a small fee....I tell you I'm so blessed these people around me! I, in return will fulfil her wish for an order of Chocolate Moist Cake, always!

So, today I'm back at work, picking up the pieces where I left the week before and started toying with new documents! I think I have lost weight a bit, now that I can slip into my jeans that I bought before I conceived Muhammad. I loved doing house work, and Liza and Bad our constant visitors thought that the house was "brighter", too with the floor nicer to walk on!

I have a few options to get a new maid, Cambodian, Indonesian or Phillipinos, but I think despite the dismay and disbelief from my children that we are going to be without a maid for a while and my shoulders felt that they crumbling....I'm giving it a rest from a maid for a while! Let's see how it goes, and we will decide later!

And , my baking...I have decided that I'll take it to a different height! I believe opportunities are applenty during a crisis, and now is the best time to forge ahead and move forward despite this obstacle...afterall, impossible is nothing!

The Devil's Food Chocolate Cake done the way I like it to be enjoyed by me has been a big hit since its debut. Thank you all for ordering and being brave enough to try! I have a few other recipes which I have tweaked to suit my, TUNGGU! Muhammad and mommy at Cozy GEM (where else!)
Chocolate Moist Cupcakes and Vanilla Cupcakes, thank you Aina!
Vanilla Cupcakes in Baby Pink for a Baby Shower Party, thank you Aisya!
Devil's Food Chocolate Cake for her daughter, thank you Azmah!
Devil's Food Chocolate Cake with Stawberries and Valrhona Chocolate Ganache! Thank you Lina and Hezzie!
Devil's Food Chocolate Cake for a guy celebrating his last birthday as a bachelor...after that I will be baking cakes for their engagement! Thank you Azzara!
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