Wednesday 30 December 2009

Liku-liku Kehidupan

As I sit here, or anywhere, I have been feeling numb lately. I try to cheer up, for my family, but I feel my chest very heavy...

First, Muhammad was admitted due to acute bronchitis last week. That was a blow to me as it reminded me of how Ibraheem had his athma...and he still has it now. Muhammad is now recovered and I am still finding other alternative medicine for him. Tak sanggup tengok dia gulp down those drugs like Ibraheem has been doing! I have tried giving him a tiny bit of menuka honey and habbatus sauda oil, so far, Muhammad looks good.

But, the biggest blow came on Saturday when my SIL Azura, was admitted to Damasara Specialist Hospital for some rare blood disorder condition. What came to mind immediately was leukemia, mashaallah, God forbid.

Much earlier this year, I posted a story about her being tested positive for CA125...but that somehow came out negative, and she was having a stomach TB instead, also a very rare desease. Since that eposide she has not been really healthy with bouts of cough and cold.

But yesterday, her doctor in APSH confirmed that she is having an acute leukemia, I don't know what that really means, but, her bone marrow is 80% cancerous....

I visited her after work yesterday and she seemed in high spirits. Next she will be transferred to UMMC and she will have to go through three cycles of chemotheraphy...whatever that means to me, am also not very sure. I mean the after effects, the support that she needed, etc. I have obtained Raden Galoh's number through Shaheida, so guess I will ring her one of these days.

I know the world cannot just stop just because of this, but hey, it's only about 10 days after awal Muharram, and I can't imagine what's next to come for the family. I guess everyone has their own fair share and I pray that all of us will have the strength to face this mega challenge. Amiiin....

Tuesday 29 December 2009

2009, The Year of Friendship!

Yup, I wish to declare this year as the Year of Friendship. I made many new and marvelous friends, ever since I started blogging. Some are new found friends, some are commons friends of my friends...and in this month alone, it's almost like a "jejak kasih" or the meeting of friends' month.

There have been several meetings with my dear childhoold friends the St Nicks girls in KL. And I met my St Nicks friends when I went back to Alor Setar during Raya Haji, and Lyana A Peek Into Life Sungai Petani. I have also met in person Yatt Tireless Mom, Kak Ezza, Kak Zaitgha, Ida Scent of A Woman, Kak Zaidah a silent reader and of course Gina Madam Tai Tai who is back in KL temporarily..

Last week I met in person the well known Kak Teh and her famous husband Awang Goneng, and my blogger and FB friend from the land far away Cape Town, Shaheida! Kak Teh and Awang Goneng is in town for a book launch "Kulit Manis A Taste of Terengganu's Heritage". They were also attending Kak Teh's nephew's wedding, Azril and Kamelia.
Kak Teh had contacted me a couple of weeks earlier to order the above cupcakes as wedding favours, I made 200 of them! I hope they went well with the guests as I tried a new recipe for this vanilla cuppies by adding buttermilk in the batter, which gave a smooth taste of the cake!
After the book launch, we adjourned to the rumah pengantin...the afternoon session had just finished...
Kak Teh, myself berborak with Kak Puteri, Shaheida, Pak Abu, Awang Goneng and my daughter.
In person with Oli, Kak Puteri (I call her the other version of Adibah Noor, as both are very talented and both have gorgeous voices!), Kak Teh (who reminds me of me with the kalutness, but of course I am without the oratory or writing skills such as Kak Teh's), Shaheida and me! People had thought that Shaheida and me are sisters....we look alike don't we!?
Hmm, what can I say about Awang Goneng...he reminds me of my mentor in Uni Prof John Andrews, serene, calm, full of knowledge and wisdom..I will read your Growing Up In Trengganu, sir!
A brief meeting with Kak Pi and Raden Galoh...too bad I couldn't join their Sunday brunch last Sunday in One Utama, I got hal keluarga.
This was my very first time jumpa Kak Teh and Awang Goneng and Shaheida at the Food Bazaar after the launch of "Kulit Manis".
I am so blessed to have bumped into all these lovely people, this meeting hasn't stopped yet for this month, more updates with more friends later...tra :-)

Monday 28 December 2009

Some cakes...

There is so much to tell, but, this chest is really's only been about 10 days in Muharram, but the challenges that I have encountered make me feel like it's already years...I need some time to compose myself, but let me post the pics of the cakes that I made, in order that I don't slack in this department...
These were supposed to be cookie monsters, but the chocolate ganache that I made to resemble the mulut nampak macam hantulah pulak! Thank you Zira for your countless support, this one is for his son's Nadzmi's birthday.
Noni is a silent reader in Setiawangsa, chocolate cuppies with chocolate ganache ordered for makan-makan...thank you Noni.
Vanilla cuppies, also ordered by Noni.
Chocolate cuppies with buttercream topping oredered by Linda for her nephew's katam Quran. Thank you Linda.
Vanilla cuppies as a gift for her friend's engagement, ordered by Amelda, thank you Amelda.
Vanilla cuppies for khatam Quran, also ordered by Linda, thank you Linda.
Vanilla cuppies ordered by Amelda, also as a gift for her friend's hantaran, thank you Amelda.
Something for the kids, ordered by Linda, thank you Linda..
These were ordered by Aisyah, for her friend Tyqa's birthday.
It was indeed a very busy time for me, but I like:-)

Wednesday 23 December 2009

The much needed break but one I didn't ask for...

Muhammad is admitted again in APSH for acute bronchitis, the second time after about a month lapse. It is a break for me, yes, but I didn't want it to be this way. I was planning to have a few days off to sort out the kids books, uniforms and fees and also to spend some quiet time with the family, but, kita merancang, Tuhan menentukan..... Today is the third day Muhammad and me in the ward, he has improved a lot, and I hope that he will be discharged today! I will have to ikhtiar other means of treatment which includes seeing Ustaz Lokman who practices healing using the verses from the Quran....

More updates on meeting with blogger friends, cakes, my goals for 2010 and Julie and Julia next...

Thursday 17 December 2009

My Goals and Maal Hijrah...

Pheww...what a lovely year I had this year! And looking back, I think I have accomplished quite a bit this year!! One of the reason why having goals are very important for me!

I remember for the past few years, I sort of "forgot" to have any goals or set my mind to anything, so, I just breathed on (alhamdulillah) as the days goes by...but this year was different. Of course there are still a few things not achieved, but am happy...

Happy, to have the khudrat to beranak to baby no 7...Muhammmad!

Happy, to have picked up baking and am dreaming of opening Kitchen Guardian's Baking Shed one day, yeah, one location, Superwomanwannabe's house next door...Shila are you reading??!! Next will be to master sugarcraft and explore more signature dishes....sooon! Sapa nak rasa!

Happy, to have new friends aka blogger friends yang tuhan temukan...they are really really gorgeous people...your life is made more vibrant and colourful with them!!

Happy, to have my St Nicks looking for me...and terasa malu jugak....ish sombongnya Yani! But am making up girls, I am...

Happy, to have accomplished for my kids, anak-anak yang solat I tak payah remind...but sekali sekala kena tegur jugak...

Happy, that four of my older children are going to school...and am able alhamdulillah to put them in the school that I wish!

Happy, that my husband is happy with me...I think...but I think he wants more s*x than food these days...ha a Kitchen Guardian, what do you expect!!

Alhamdulillah, happy that I am still breathing...there is so much more to accomplish next year!

Salam Maal Hijrah everyone....xox Yani Kitchen Guardian!

St Nicks' oh St Nicks'.....

Oh well, what can I life is really beautiful with all these beautiful people around me! This lunch was another spur of the moment kind of thing arranged by our all the time organiser Serena! Vickie lived in Melbourne, Australia and she was back for a short holiday. We received a message from her via FB and all who could make it decided we had lunch with Vickie yesterday!As usual, I made it my best to join this's payback time for me, for my guilt for being absent from these lovely girls when I was in school. More so, because they were the ones who have looked for me via FB or any other channels....these are true friends, very rare and very precious!!
It was also my first time meeting Cynthia and Suhaini, apart from Vickie, after all this years...
And, what I can say is that we haven't changed but all had to brave through very diverse circumstances.....fate!
Look at me letting of my steam.....I'm truly blessed...
Cynthia and Serena....
The diva...Jini and Cynthia....
Norita and Jini...

With another St Nicks just flewn in from the land far far away, there'll be another St Nicks' moment sooon! Love you all girls!!

Tuesday 15 December 2009

Jejak Kasih Part 3

This one I must say is a true Jejak Kasih! I knew the lady of this house through my primary school friend Naz...and being two radio buruks we are, we just hit it from the moment we spoke to each other, ha ha!!

Lyana and Pak Yusof and family had moved to Sg Petani last year, they came back all the way from Norway, their other home. And, since we were in Alorq Starq and on route to Baling, I made it a point to visit this dear friend of mine, whom I had always chatted on FB or the phone or virtually over our blogs!!

Dup dap dup they are truly warm people, walaupun depa mai dari Norway. You can see from this pictures..and my children dengan tanpa segan silu buat rumah Lyana, macam rumah depa!My children saw the boat and we wanted to ride it, but apa kan daya, we were short of time, as the real purpose of my returning home to meet my grandparents had turned out to be a few Jejak Kasih sessions. Dad did not complain, in fact he was amazed by the many meetings I had with my friends!
Look at Yusof mengajar Odin and Emil soccer...
Ibraheem , Odin and Emil....I too, love your house Lyana, kalau boleh nak jadi neighbour!
The host and hostest, kerennyih sampai ke telinga, and I got to taste the true kueh samprit which recepi I followed...oh sangatlah jauh rasa kesedapannya from mine!
My husband yang tak cakap banyak also melted in...
Me? Sampai senget-senget badan berborak! Pak Yusof must be thinking this woman speaks even more than my wife!
A picture for keeps until the next visit! Thanks Lyana and Pak Yusof for having us for tea! Actually, kami redah aje!

Monday 14 December 2009

Bakes and Cakes of the Week

Vanilla minis ordered by Fariza for khenduri tahlil, thank you Fariza.
Choc minis also for tahlil ordered by Fariza, thank you dear for the support all the way! Note the hyacinth, lavendar hue in the purple buttercream, I like!
Koalas for a young family, Sofie and Farah...thank you Farah, next will be a baby, mummy and daddy figurine for you! Farah is expecting a baby early 2010!
Profiteroles for tea for Madam Tai Tai and her neighbours, thanks Gina!
A very short notice order hence the store flowers for a very hard working, young and bright lass Juliana who ordered the cakes for her cousin's hantaran. Juliana is completing her internship in an established accounting firm. When she came to collect the cakes, we borak-ed and she reminded of me during my younger worked till the wee hours, husband working away, anak emak bela...never mind Juliana, don't fret and feel guilty, do what you have to do with a clear conscience, let the puzzle fall into its place, it's a path that you have to go through dear, inshaallah. I doakan you.

Jejak Kasih Part 2

I have been extremely busy in the office ever since I returned from my Raya Haji holidays, hence, the delay in updating. But, I have to squeeze some time as there is another sequel to this Jejak Kasih posts....tunggu.....
I haven't got much time to tell stories, but am sure this picture are enough to relate their own stories and look at the happy faces.....the picture here dah terbalik kot, actually after we had brunch and boraks at Kak Tan's, Timah and Billie decided to leave. Since they took a lift from us, DH sent them home and dropped off Hajar, too. The fathers and the kids decided that they had a round or two of bowling...... and after that and almost maghrib, we decided to go for seafood dinner in Kuala Kedah after solat!
Kak Tan's only boy and Ayan's only girl, waiting for food
Anis, Khadijah and Yusof
Kak Tan's girls
Wanita wanita tercantik malam tu, Kak Tan and Ayan
All waiting for food
Jelani doing his act
Daumi and sons, and Ibraheem
Daumi, the love of all the children and Yusof
Gaya Kak Tan
That night I went home tired, full but very very felt like my primary school time didn't move at all except that we had new additions in with the persence of hubbies and kids...and the best part is that they really kamcing with each other....I will return to Alor Star...sooon!

Monday 7 December 2009

Jejak Kasih Part 1

Timah...sama saja from those days..
Ayan, myself, Billie, Kak Tan and Timah...."Osmayani, awat I rasa you tinggi sangat dulu no"...says answer was " Habis calcium with six children, so dah jadi kemetut"!

I'd like to call this post Jejak it was indeed menjejak kasih... of my primary school friends whom I hadn't met since 1984! It was going to be Hari Raya Haji and my father had asked us to return to Alor Setar for kurban that he was doing for Muhammad. And I took this opportunity to catch up with Kak Tan, whom I have always considered an elder sister I never had!

We arrived on Thursday 19th Dec and that afternoon after sorting out my family's lunch ie ikan bakarq mengancam from Jalan Teluk Wanjah, we drove to Jitra to meet Kak Tan...with the highways, Jitra was only ten minutes away from my house in Jalan Datuk Kumbar! OH! Kak Tan hadn't changed a bit after all these years.....and of course both shed tears hugging each other upon seeing each other...I miss Kak Tan.....and before we knew it was almost maghrib and DH ajak balik..... I thought I will never see Kak Tan again as we were going to be packed the following days...Borak borak and more boraks

But, that night Timah and Liza (from my ALevels days) came visiting me at Taman Nakishah, and I received a message from Billie wanting to see me also. And Ayan too texted apa lagi we ie moi dengan muka tak malunya went to Kak Tan's again on Saturday, as my dear friends decided that we berkumpul at one place and meet each other!

I was the happiest person on earth that moment....we ate, no, I was the only eating...but we talked and talked and reminisce, boy I missed my friends......

Kak Tan holding Muhammad...unloading some weight from me!

There are some who are doing well in their lives, one killed herself because of sakit hati, kesian Li Lian, one died of brain tumor Lee Ling, one died because of some weird disease Suhaini, a few ended up as number 2 and tak berapa happy, a few have many children like me, and many of whom we are still trying to locate ! Whatever it is, I realised that we read the same books, used the same colour pencils, ate the same food at the canteen...taught my Sister Eugenie...but no one knows our fate in the later lives.....I am really bersyukur that I have friends from St Nicks!
All in the family, Kak Tan and family, Yani and family, Ayan and family, Billie, Timah and her son Adam and Nadia my BIG HAPPY FAMILY!

.....until the next post folks for the continuation of this....
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