Monday 24 June 2013

Just Do It!

Assalamualaikum and good morning! I have just got up to do some baking. I have been doing this an early night to rise early to bake before I left for work. Easier...but having said that I have 2 more days to go to work, from 26.6, I will start my leave and officially 1.7.2013 I won't be a blue telco staff anymore.

Scared...of course, anxious? Definitely...but I am already at the bridge and I just have to cross over, no more turning back, no regrets..I just have to do it, make it work!

But, funny, when you decided on certain things, the world will move you towards that direction...and what's more intriguing is that, things were moving faster that I thought it would be...all towards the directions of the thoughts...the goals that I had..

I recently viewed a shoplot ....well, you see I wanted to just operate from home, but "kamalkamalia" had made me think got a dream, go get it girl, she said! I paid a deposit for the unit to rent, but later the landlord wanted more...I could slog for it, but I thought I might as well cut on my overheads since I am new...I needed all the reserves!  

....thank god for friends like Razlyn, yesterday we viewed a house that sits on a cul de sac that belongs to her best friend, which lounge is accessible from a main road...actually it was a unit that we had eyes on when we first got married years rent or purchase...see the power of dreams and subconscious mind! I have settled for that, only thing is that I have to wait for the house to be vacant, repaired and painted in the colours I, Inshaallah I hope to move in sometime in July, or early August latest...can't wait! Never mind the fasting month, one can't wait for all to fall in will be my own nest my own cake studio, baking and classes and cakes to go will be available from that cosy place!

psst...I tried a new fluffy buttercream recipe and added strawberry filling in this magnolia bakery style cuppies...oh they were so delicious!

...and orders, my! I must bersyukur and thank the Almighty, they have been pouring in, I need an assistant pronto!...and there have been talks on new business ventures as me supplying to a few chains, inshaallah!

One of the things that I wanted to do when working on my own is going to mengaji...I will start my class on Thursday...I have been trying my best to do solat soon after time instead of delaying...I found that so soothing and calming! much so I have been baking and delivering my orders really in the nick of time and last minute, and the orders were ok! I don't fret and fear about my orders anymore! I don't collect any deposit, so it's cash on delivery, and I did not worry about non-payment except a wee bit, bagus kan! Just berserah! that's it for now, with my wifi fixed at home, I hope to update this blog more often, and use my camera tra for now, I really have to go and bake hehe good morning hope we all have a barakah week!

xoxo yani, thekitchenguardian...

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Random Thoughts but Let's Go Places!

Hi ya you all! After almost a month in hiding, well sort of but done unintentionally, I wish to pen down some thoughts...a lot took place in a month period....thoughts change and new goals set! know that apart from taking food pictures I love to capture not the wedding kind of moments but those moments that one cherish forever...I have tried doing that after I came back from my Zero to Pro workshop with Saiful Nang...but I really wanted to shoot newborns, babies, children! That opportunity came along when I was given a slot by KamaliaKamal of thephotolicious. She has a team of all ladies photographers under her belt and she had just given birth! Her baby (whom I have forgotten to ask what his name was) was our subject! I learnt about colour harmony, lighting and angles....the technicals In have learnt from SN's classes....and the result was.....tadaaaa

...this picture was not edited...well I never edit my pictures...and I was ecstatic with what I could do, sure there were only very very few shots that were ok. But, I also learnt more than photography...Kamalia forced me to think BIG, beyond what I could think I would be capable of! So, I have reset my goals and will execute them! Am I excited? Of course I am!! I am not revealing what next on my sleeve, but taking pictures of newborn will remain a hobby as for now...

Well, it was never my intention to travel outskirts and have my baking classes elsewhere than in Klang Valley. However, I was invited by a dear friend to fly to Kota Bharu to have my maiden class there. It was darn hot there I downed loads of water and didn't eat much, but hey...the market in Kota Bharu is untapped! The girls who came for the demo class were angels...and I learnt that if you think your life is hard, there are others whose lives are harder than yours. I encouraged the girls to go for it in the baking arena, offer more choices to the people of KB! And about Kota Bharu...I must say that despite the fact that there is no KLCC nor nice favourite grocery shops like Hock Choon there, I fell in love with the slow pace and simplicity of the life there....will definitely go there to have more classes!

...saw this on the plane...really got me thinking to go places!...and have more ovens and assistants.....

I had Nasi dagang for breakfast at Hover before my class on Friday.

Their satays were yumss!

This was taken at pasar Siti Khadijah... the name says, most of the sellers were ladies wearing chunks of gold bracelets on both arms! ...Funny when I wanted to buy some jewellery, I was not entertained maybe because my purchase was a meagre one hehe ....the ladies were buying at least rm4k worth of jewellery at one time...whoaaaa! torch ginger...

...take a look at my attempt at royal icing lace embroidery...

My first commission for macarons dusted in lustre powder, an order by Yong, and I loved this!

...hey, look at my handwriting, think it has improved, done this the old school way without using any nozzle...less washing for a maidless lass like me!

...and this the current cookie craze..Almond crunchy which is super duper easy to make...just mix 250g of Florentine mix with 500g roasted nuts, spread in a baking tray lined with baking paper and bake at 165C for about 20 minutes. Cut them while they are still hot and leave them to cool before storing away in cookie jars!

...and why I paste this video here.....I never thought that anyone would care that I leave this organisation, but one of the senior management this morning was shocked to find out that I have a few days left..."we will miss you for you have been so patient assisting us with your legal opinions and drafting and amending contracts in accordance with our tempo!" ...haha yeah all work needs to be done yesterday with this peeps...I shall miss this lot, too!....and immediately this song into my head..why oh why I don't know.....but it reminded me of my last few days in uni when my future was really not's different now

...for now I just have to focus and make this baking adventure a success, fullstop!

tra, xoxo yani thekitchenguardian

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