Thursday 20 August 2009

Ramadan is here again!

One month had passed since 15.7.2009, and life is turning to almost normalcy again..except that we have little man Muhammad in our lives now! Yes, Muhammad my little man, who is constantly hungry, whom I took to my GP this morning for his second dose of HepB(instead of a paediatrician...all due to H1N1) who now weighs 5.6kg!

We will be begin fasting on Saturday, Ramadan...a month that I always look forward to...but it has been many years since I last went to my last terawikh solats, I tried to perform them at home but it's never the same like going to the suraus or mosques...

I will begin working on 1.9.2009 after about 47 days maternity leave. This time, since it's my 6th delivery, it has to be no pay leave and I have decided that I'd go in for some time just before Eid and am not taking the usual 60 days leave! And during Ramadan, it's really hectic in the afternoon, the roads will be packed from lunch time until after office hours...this year, I have decided that I will prepare the dishes for the week during the weekend and freeze them. With Muhammad around, I need more time in the morning to bathe him and also prepare the others for school, so no cooking can be done. Can't leave it until I get home in the afternoon to prepare those buka puasa dishes, you just can't predict the traffic during fasting month. I have already stored murtabak permaisuri from fellow blogger Xis and Busu's karipap pusing. so, next weekend, I'll be busy preparing fish curry, assam pedas, rendang ayam and kolak pisang...

This year Eid will be different, we have 6 children, wu hu!! And, I will be baking cookies...for the first time, in my life I think!!! There will definitely be Victoria Sandwich Cake, Kek Buah Kukus, Great Chocolate Chip Cookies and Lyana's Kueh Samprit...oh it was nice catching up with her over the phone just now!! Baju raya...with the haze which we do not know when it will be over and so does H1N1, I'm in no mood for Raya, except for the Eid prayers...and have gotten new clothing for the children more or less ready...

Actually this post is meant to wish all of us selamat berpuasa di bulan Ramadan almubarak!! The following are some random photos taken during my leave at home, hope you like them!

All my children, but Muhammad was not in the picture with my maid, during dinner on the eve of Khadijah's birthday 12.8.2009.

Grey, white and cornflour blue cuppies for hantaran for Ria's sister, thanks Ria...selamat mengerjakan fardu umrah!
Muhammad on 31.7.2009...botak and mummy shaved him bald as sunnah.

My then glasses frame, now worn by Khadijah, well! We liked the same frames but different colours, so we decided to swap when she made her new pairs last, she is wearing my tortoise shell and I'm wearing a very dark purple, almost black looking frame:))

My little man Muhammad in his pjs, picture taken sometime last week, he has this musky smell like daddy!!

Anyone for vanilla cupcakes with peanut butter on top and jelly inside!? Cake tin was from Razlyn, thank you dear, tapi bila nak bake together with me ni??!!

Sunday 9 August 2009

Hi Everyone...a Quick Update!

Yup, I got to make this really a sentence....AM NOT COPING!!!!

Muhammad was adorable and slept most of the time from birth ...until he got to his 3rd week birthday. After that, well, he is still adorable and very macho (got this manly smell, like the father!!), but, he asks for milk every 2 hours, day and night...and that has left me of not having enough sleep (when, apart from eating, sleep is the thing that I treasure most!). I try to catch some sleep in morning until about 12pm...but the past 10 days, all the boys have been at home. Their school was closed as there was an outbreak of chicken pox amongst the kindies and viral fever amongst the primary and secondary students....

Oh sungguh tak larat to kepung all the children, the youngest one included...hence, I have not been able to reply to comments in my previous posting...think this short post is an indication of the true situation that I am into now!

I had many friends who came to visit, thank you all...I have loads of pictures to upload, don't know when that will happen, managed to make a set of 25 cuppies for hantaran last week, my ehsan for a dear friend...tak sampai hati nak tolak, all the raw ingreedients to make the ginger cake, tartlets, all there...tak sempat nak buat lagi...even though I have tried baking the kek buah kukus...will update on that once I have perfected the entire the moment I'm still not happy with the how the caramel turns out!

Hubby, Khadijah and Yusof went back to Pontian this weekend...hubby is sorting out the coutyard in time for raya....rumah pun nak raya jugak!!! So, am left with Ibraheem, Umar, Hajar, Muhammad and the maid.....and Ibraheem caught a stomach flu, food poisoning bug...I thought it was a mild thing ....until he vomitted profusely a few mom in pantang took on the wheels and drove him to a GP...alhamdulillah, today he has asked for food, which is a good sign, but maid pulak dah started going to the toilet...dugaan dugaan....

Talk about dugaan, I met an old friend, whose sister was divorced, or rather the ex husband said the talak when she was pregnant...and she was in labor room all by herself, and now taking care of the 3 children, the baby is only 30 days old...all by herself...lagi dugaan besarkan!!!

I have to run...Muhammad is screaming his head off for his afternoon feeding....take care everyone!!
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