Monday, 14 December 2009

Jejak Kasih Part 2

I have been extremely busy in the office ever since I returned from my Raya Haji holidays, hence, the delay in updating. But, I have to squeeze some time as there is another sequel to this Jejak Kasih posts....tunggu.....
I haven't got much time to tell stories, but am sure this picture are enough to relate their own stories and look at the happy faces.....the picture here dah terbalik kot, actually after we had brunch and boraks at Kak Tan's, Timah and Billie decided to leave. Since they took a lift from us, DH sent them home and dropped off Hajar, too. The fathers and the kids decided that they had a round or two of bowling...... and after that and almost maghrib, we decided to go for seafood dinner in Kuala Kedah after solat!
Kak Tan's only boy and Ayan's only girl, waiting for food
Anis, Khadijah and Yusof
Kak Tan's girls
Wanita wanita tercantik malam tu, Kak Tan and Ayan
All waiting for food
Jelani doing his act
Daumi and sons, and Ibraheem
Daumi, the love of all the children and Yusof
Gaya Kak Tan
That night I went home tired, full but very very felt like my primary school time didn't move at all except that we had new additions in with the persence of hubbies and kids...and the best part is that they really kamcing with each other....I will return to Alor Star...sooon!

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