Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Jejak Kasih Part 3

This one I must say is a true Jejak Kasih! I knew the lady of this house through my primary school friend Naz...and being two radio buruks we are, we just hit it from the moment we spoke to each other, ha ha!!

Lyana and Pak Yusof and family had moved to Sg Petani last year, they came back all the way from Norway, their other home. And, since we were in Alorq Starq and on route to Baling, I made it a point to visit this dear friend of mine, whom I had always chatted on FB or the phone or virtually over our blogs!!

Dup dap dup dap....my they are truly warm people, walaupun depa mai dari Norway. You can see from this pictures..and my children dengan tanpa segan silu buat rumah Lyana, macam rumah depa!My children saw the boat and we wanted to ride it, but apa kan daya, we were short of time, as the real purpose of my returning home to meet my grandparents had turned out to be a few Jejak Kasih sessions. Dad did not complain, in fact he was amazed by the many meetings I had with my friends!
Look at Yusof mengajar Odin and Emil soccer...
Ibraheem , Odin and Emil....I too, love your house Lyana, kalau boleh nak jadi neighbour!
The host and hostest, kerennyih sampai ke telinga, and I got to taste the true kueh samprit which recepi I followed...oh sangatlah jauh rasa kesedapannya from mine!
My husband yang tak cakap banyak also melted in...
Me? Sampai senget-senget badan berborak! Pak Yusof must be thinking this woman speaks even more than my wife!
A picture for keeps until the next visit! Thanks Lyana and Pak Yusof for having us for tea! Actually, kami redah aje!

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Mama Huptihup said...

kak yani, TQ for coming..nnt mai lagi tau....it was nice meeting all of u too! kejap sgt jumpa u, x habih sembang...byk lagi tajuk x cover :D

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