Friday, 7 November 2008

I feel energised everyday coz I cook every morning...

Yeah, I notice that when I arrive at work everyday, I feel fresh and ready and eager to start the day with the documents...never thought about but I think since i prepare the family's meal everyday, almost without fail and that has really helped to relief stress and add some spice, literally!

I usually repeat the dishes that i cook, however, the children will never refuse mom's fish curry and assam pedas. And they have also learnt to enjoy curry and assam pedas with bread or roti boom segera that i got weekly from my pasar tani.

And today I prepared Chicken Bombay the masala from a mamak shop in Plaza City One in Jln TAR. The one that i use is under the brand NAtional, however you can also try Shan's that is available at most nearby supermarkets.

It's ano brainer way to prepare and it only takes about 45 minutes to cook, the only secret ingredient is to get the masala.....i will one day just use plain masala and add it wit some curry powder, to see if I will get the same result.

How you prepare is very easy....fry sliced onions (3 medium) with screwpine leaves and curry leaves until golden and fragrant, add in chopped garlic and ginger, add chicken pieces about 1 kg), cut tomatoes [(4 or 5), the lazy me uses dices 1 can stewed tomatoes), 150 ml plain yoghurt, corriander leaves, mint leaves.....leave to simmer on medium fire until chicken is almost cooked. Well you can use ghee that will give a wulla taste, otherwise just use butter, whih is equally as good. On the other stove, boil rice, i loved to use basmathi or long grain, pre-soaked for about 15 minutes, boil until almost done, add a bit of salt to add to taste.

Once both chicken and rice are done, layer the chicken and rice and cook again, i use the rice cooker all the time because of its onvenience. I know some people use the pressure cooker in which case the chicken and rice should just be half cooked. I like to cover my rice with a corning plate before covering it with the rice cooker top to keep all the moisture in and ensure that the rice is cooked properly....this way has never failed me.....

See, its very easy and it definitely is lovely to serve the biryani with cucumber raita (as in cube japanese cucumbers with tomatoes, with a bit of corriander and mint leaves and natural yoghurt with a dash of salt) and dhal......well, i got to go, Daniel Craig is waiting for me....will post the dhal recipe later....tara


Naz in Norway said...

you make everything sound easy. I love that!
Will definitely try some of your recipes here but with limited ingredients here, i've got improvise a bit.
Thanks. Will be dropping by regularly :)

t o r t s said...

os, i'm so very proud of the woman u turn out to be..yani - cooking? wow-wee.
insyaallah, will check on you for recipes fr now on..

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