Friday, 26 December 2008

How time flies....

Today is the last day in the office before 2009 begins. When I looked back, I havent written much this year, which has been pretty occupied with the little one Hajar and loads to do in the office and during weekends. Despite that DH and me managed to escape to Pangkor Laut Resort for our 15th year anniversary weekend, which was brilliant..The food is to die for and the service was excellent. We might go there for a second round next year.

Finally, today I sent out my last document to be signed, a very controversial one, right from the very first day of negotiation sometime this time last year. To make it worse, all the instructions to me on the matter came right from upstairs...I hated it. I have told my boss several times that I dont wish to be considered to take on any more complicating and high profile projects/matters...they take so much time and all the stress, I dont envy anyone for having to do such work....thay are simply not worth it...

Anyway, am going home early today...After months and breaking several promises, I went to lunch with Mrs Nordin No.2 at Delifrance in Hock Choon just now. Lovely, we only had soup and croissant and tea, but its the company and the time out that I longed for. Talking about croissant, I must try again baking Croissant Pudding with Anglaise Sauce that I learnt from my dear friend Saf. Saf is a regular writer in our local magazine Flavours, and I can tell you that the Mee Abu she last made for me has stayed berhantu in me until today!! And her mini Carrot Cake...hai mak mentua lalu oun tak nampak...

I also still have a few recipies that I'm due to put up in this blog...Sambal Goreng Johor, Terung Masak Assem, Mee Melicau, Ayam Masak Ungkep, Semur Ayam, Serunding Kelapa, all this are part of the lauk pauk in Nasi Ambeng....nanti yah!

Esok, we are taking the morning flight out to Langkawi, woo hoo, so breakfast will be in nya...The last time after I came back from Langkawi, I was preggers with, no it was not bacause I dipped into Tasik Dayang Bunting. This time, we'll skip the cable car and island hopping...probably just go to Pulau Payar for kids to swim and swim along the beaches in Langkawi and enjoy the foods there. We are planning to eat at this place called something "Tomato"..the kids loved the sandwiches with home made bread, breakfast at "The Big Breakfast" and a pizza and pasta plae belonged to an Italian couple...sedappp. I'll post later and hopefully some pics when I return on 31.1.2008 late night.

My new year is starting with watching Mamma Mia on 1.1.2009, after lunch with some friends......happening jugak hidup kau ni...Yani..

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