Tuesday, 17 March 2009

It's A Small Small World After All.......

Amidst my very busy schedule last week, I had 2 surprises....in the middle of the week, whilst blog-hopping and amending documents (multitasking ma!), Kak Teh of Kak Teh Choc A Blog insisted that I drop a line to her...why ah?
She wanted to order some profiteroles for a birthday bash that included her's, even though she would be celebrating miles away... being a very very amateur, I tried to shy away by saying this and that, but yes, 100 profiteroles...I delivered on Saturday!! Coincidentally, Kak Teh's niece Anedra is also neighbours of the zoo like moi......and lagi coincidentally, Anedra's son and my sons go to the same school and take the same bus home...mak datuk.....when I spoke to Anedra, where the party was to be held....I nak topple from my chair, coz we bumped into each other the weekend before at our sons' sport's day...keciknya dunia, Kak Teh jauh beribu batu, made the order, and me and Anedra live sepelaung away........and all met through this blog world!!!

I told Anedra to wear shades when eating the sweeties, I have yet to perfect the shape and size, but I think one can indulge in the taste...and I also tried a chocolate ganache to dip the profiteroles into. The result was like in the picture here......tak pa Kak Teh when you are back in KL next, I'll make some for you...thanks Kak Teh for the orders!

I also had another "kerusi nak terbalik" session in the office when I received a call from a fellow blogger adik, who had moved miles away from Norway to Sg Petani...Lyana....ya Allah, she is so hilarious, I think ornag utara memang like that gelak and giggle 70%, cakap 30%...we call it kelolo......think spoke to her for a good close to 1 hr 45 mins kot...I must visit her when I next go back to Baling or Aloq Starq....what would my world be without all these people to add sugar and spice in my boring office hours......thanks Lyn for the orders!

I also attached a picture of the cuppies I made for Lyn, for her cousin's wedding...pembawakan or not pembawakan, I think I have found my calling...am going to bake...no, it's not going to be Kitchen Guardian Cafe' as yet, but I will be taking orders seriously...I have an inquiry for 500 cuppies for a wedding in November with fondant icing....am doing the costing now and am learning how to make sugar flowers/fondant icing next weekend!! By the way, I also made 300 cuppies for Irma Fatima's do on Friday, had to take half of Thursday off, I nak tolak the order, but they insisted....rezeki!

So far, I have been getting orders for cuppies and profiteroles almost every weekend, am attempting chocolate, banana, peanut butter, carrot cake varieties and perfect my victoria sandwich cake and mini cheesecakes for future orders...pray for my success...and vetting and amending documents will only be a part-time thingy when I join my hubby in his practice...inshaallah!!


Dad of 4+1 said...

Woo hoo....finally a decision is made!

Desert Rose said...


Biasala la tu, kalau kami sembang on d phone plak (I & Lyana Teteye tu la) tu sampai lengan I kebaih and sampai telinga hangat.

Daripd kecik samapi la dia pi dok Norway d other day, kalau bergayut tak hengat dunia. Bayangkan bila jumpa mcm mana....last year dia pi umah I kami sembang sampai 2-4 pagi, I swear sampai I rasa penin nak muntah ha ha.

U mention Baling....kat mana? My hubby home town is in Pulai. My parents kat SP.

Maybe when Lyana order something from u, I tumpang pi makan whenever I balik kg since ur cuppies (ke?) look so interesting

KG said...

Desert Rose,

Tok Wan dok di Kupang, sat gi I kata i org Kupang depa tanya pulak Kupang tang mana...sebab tu i kata I dok di Baling...la my father punya first posting mengajarq dulu di Pulai, ada satu sekolah aja tang tu, sampai la dok ada....tu dia jenuh riuh kalau hang, aku and Lyana borak ayam itik lari bertempiran....

Desert Rose said...

Kak Yani,

Btoi la tu, satu ja sekolah, tu la sekolah dia masa kecik ha ha.

Musti kalau korek2 kenai la kot, sebab adik bradik dia merata dok situ.

Ur dad pun teach? Still ka or dah retired? Mine dah 3-4 tahun dah retired. Tah2 kenai kot, maklumla cikgu-cikgi ni ada union. My pak menakan pun ramai kat Aloq Setaq.

Anyway, nanti la kita wat sure heboh nooo, kalah tv3 punya.

t o r t s said...

like i said, kalau dekat i'll be at ur hse on wkend to LOOK at you preparing ur cuppies.

there's always the starting point... amin!


Naz in Norway said...

Yupp...me an tort will be there looking at you and sembang like giler...haha!
I aminkan your cita cita ni, Yani.
Can't wait to see you, tort and chut :)

anedra said...

Yes - what a small small world. I know torts too - ex office mates! The profiteroles were lovely..bestnya ada kitchen goddess living nearby! Boleh order macam2! (bukan nak belajar masak eh?? haha!)

and congrats upon finding your true calling. not many people have that kind of luck! All the best to you..and as mentioned before, mai lah rumah!!

Please contact me at haqyani@gmail.com said...
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KG said...

Desert Rose,

Ni kalau korek korek ni mesti kenai punya ...my father dah pencen lama dah...his last posting was in Kementerian Pendidikan in KL and they now live in Section 4 Shah Alam!

KG said...

torts and naz,

tak pa , nanti i in confinement pun hangpa mai...setakat nasi lemak sambal ikan bilih...lepaih i masak...


setakat weekend tu hang nak mai, sms or talipon, inshaallah adalah i cook up something..if not mee goreng hamid, i hidangkan for you!

KG said...

Anedra, Torts,

Tulah dunia ni kecik sangat...I lupa Torts pun dulu kerja @ sapura crest!!

I always tell budak budak kat office ni, jangan dok dngki or buat naya kat orang, dunia ni dah tentu bulat....wat goes around comes around....it's just a matter of time...and always buat baik dgn orang, inshaallah tuhan balas, time and how tu dia saja yg tau!

Anedra, ni kena ajak Torts pi rumah you, I masak and kita makan and hingarq tepi kolam you...syok tu!

anedra said...

nak hingarq kat tepi kolam I boleh..Anytime!!! Especially kalau ada makan sedap2! Hahaha!

zaitgha said...

long time tak sampai sini, tak perasan bila u started blogging again....buat wilton lah...systematic sikit ....

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