Friday, 16 July 2010

Snapshots of Kuching!

Cucuk Benderam, served at the Branch
Nasi Campur for lunch...Ikan Tenggiri cooked in loads daun kunnit sliced and ayam fried with loads of serai and fresh cillis, and of course pucuk paku goreng...sedaap!
The hunt for Kek Lapis Sarawak...look at this variesties to taste, I setteled for "Lumut" which is the Kek Lapis version of "green" Red Velvet Cake. Apparently in it are Nestum, yumms! And, Cheese Oreo and Cheese Walnut! 
And guess what? They used Golden Churn Butter....sucker!
The Kek Lapis are home industries in a kampung that opposite Sungai Sarawak, accessable by boat or road....the city from the Kek Lapis kampung!
Then, we adjouned to Pasar Satok....I lurve lurve this it was the hunt for Terubuk Masin! and see, what I also found at the pasar!
Ikan Terubuk Masin, I didn't get any as I still hadn't cooked the dried fish and sotong and all that I got from KK and I still hev one Terubuk Masin in the freezer!
Some buah that you should blacnh in hot water and eat it on its own or with sambal belacan.
Pucuk Paku!
Cabe' Gronong, pedas and apparently nicer than the ordinary red chillies....I bought them!
Buah Mengkudu or Noni!
Bettle Nut or Pinang....I have not seen this for a long time already!
Life is very casual in Kuching, and especially in this wet market....a Mak Andam doing up a face of the owner of a vegetable was light entertainment for me....
And she malu! The people there are very very kind and warm...and they kep asking me to try this and that vegetable! I ended up buying Terung Assam and Batange Keladi, all prepared and ready to be cooked Assama Rebus!
After Satok, we looked for Mee must not leave Kuching without eating this delicious noodle!
The noodle is tossed with this oil, soya sauce and chilli paste...the preparation is similar to that of Mee Sedap Goreng!
Mee Kolok with its Soup accompaniment....I can never get enough of this! And I had a cup of black Nescafe and later another glass of Teh O Ais.....burp!
Then, we strolled along the city and found this souvenir shop...nice!
And what's Kuching without having a bowl of Laksa Sarawak! It's akin to Laksa Johor or Mee Kari but has this peculiar taste of black pepper and spices. Finished a bowl of this for dinner at Rajah Brooke Cafe.
I'm not a fan of Teh Tarik, but this one has the right combo of everything.....
Rajah Brooke Cafe!
Meal on the plane....Satay Ayam with Nasi Goreng and Sambal Kacang...I slurped the Sambal Kacang....never tasted such nice Sambal Kacang that is not home cooked! 
Yup, Kuching's Best Beats....would be her food, food and food...and the people are super nice and pretty and fluffed up (gebu) like Kek Lapis!

I had a short trip to Kuching to do a training to the guys there, and my....I have to make another trip, soon. The place is full of wonders and treasures and the colonial remains are heavily felt there! Enjoy the pictures, while I prepare the last update on KK and coming next would be Colombo....another meeting that requires me to join...can't wait, can't wait!


Tina said...

glad you enjoyed your trip.. was there last week and will be there next next week again... wish I have your enthusiasm!! :)

KG said...

hi tina,

i suppose if you do it once in a while, jadi mcm i lah! better described as jakun, he he!

Naz in Norway said...

It is easier to immerse oneself in the whole experience when one is without the family. Betul dak? :D
Lovely pictures and the fish...yummmmm!

Rima said...

Lovely pic KG.. I was in Kuching many years ago.. didnt get the chance to beli any kek lapis but am glad over the years i managed to try and bake kek lapis sarawak... yes they are delish eventho manis sikit ah.. most of their cakes use horlicks.. ade nestum.. ade susu pekat.. and yes golden churn butter memang "the bomb" when it comes to kek lapis hehehe

Idrina Khalil said...

Kak Yani
Lets have all girls/ladies trip after raya...
We leave the dept to the men

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