Thursday, 11 November 2010

Life's Little Pleasures....

....when I am able to put a smile on another....a cutting cake for Alin's wedding. Alin is Kak Ezza's daughter, even though I don't speak with Kak Ezza daily, our hearts are close...Kak Ezza, the loveable, huggable, full of fun and wisdom...lauk kenduri akak and the tapai sangatlah sedap!
Who wouldn't fall for this lady....Kak Ezza, KG and Muhammad...
Hubby, Khadijah, Muhammad and Hajar with her lolly!
It was also a makcik bloggers' meet...Kak Puteri and Kay, Yatt in the background...
Kak Ezza and Shana
Before that we attended a kenduri doa selamat at my husband's cousin's condo...I love this pictures...pure pleasure and bliss! 
Khadijah and her book!
Hajar....when I asked her to smile!
Umar, Muhammad, Ibraheem and Hajar...Yusof had left for Yemen to learn Arabic on 4.11.2010.
An uncle and a nephew...Wan (husband's cousin) and Adli..
Hubby, Hajar and Muhammad

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Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Yani,
Kalau Angelina kawin kan, macam manalah kek yang sesuai ye? purrr....meow!

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