Friday, 11 November 2011

Maltesers' Squares

Hi you alls!How was your week!? Mine have been hectic! Anyway, we had a corporate wellness program today in the building and I got my sugar level, body fat and cholesterol level checked....except for my cholesterol level that is on the borderline, the rest is okay! Gotta start taking rolled oats for breakfast and climb up the stairs to my office to correct my cholesterol level!

Anyway....I made this about two weeks ago! First saw this in dailydelicious blog and later stumbled again on this beautiful comot squares in masam manis blog! They are awesome, except that, I love Maltesers so much that I don't think I could wait for them to be transformed into this, haha!

It's very easy to make, so, let's see....
100g butter
200g dark chocolate, chopped
3 tbsp golden syrup
225g digestive biscuits, I used Biskut Marie, crushed to fine
225g Maltesers, chilled

100g Maltesers
50g white chocolate melted
50g milk chocolate melted
1.Grease a square 8 inches cake tin, I lined with baking paper.
2.In a medium pan, melt together, butter, dark choc, and golden syrup stirring to get a smooth consistency.
3.Add the crushed biscuits, stir to incorporate.
4.Quickly add Maltesers. And pour into cake tin. Chill in the fridge for about 4 hours to set.
5.Once chilled, spread the additional Maltesers and drizzle with melted dark choc and white choc and chill again.
6.Cut to small squares to serve!

My kids love them, I had my share of Maltesers, earlier, haha! I gave some to Dianne who came by to collect her birthday cake....
A Pink Rainbow Cake, hope you like them!
Made this for Aishah, Kak Ana and Harlina, tqs for ordering!
I made this for Zarina's nephew's engagement. Tqs Zarina, hope we got to meet each other in the next orders!
And made this for Amirah, who now lives in KK, and who's back for Raya Hj holidays! Tqs Amirah!
This girl is not for order....haha! Hajar with her Samsung Tab, playing Barbie games!

Have a brilliant weekend! Thank you for reading!Hope I have time to try new recipes and play with my camera! Just realised that I have not used the aperture button, haha! What a joke!!


Unknown said...

hi kak yani...maybe you can try this

it really helps my hubby k...

Anonymous said...

It's hard to bake and bake and not eat what you bake kan. I had to reduce my recipe trying for fear of the climbing cholestrol level Yanie.

KG said...

hmmm!~ yes Rina! tqs!

KG said...

wiz, we can still bake but must find substitutes or alternatives in the ingredients! i suka makan!

dianne's said...

thank you! semua org suka, i brought leftover for my officemates too and diorang nak order! (to which you asked me to buat sendiri. hahaha)

dianne's said...

eh lupa ckp, the maltesers sangat sedap yg teramat. lucky me, Said kata too sweet for him so i makan semua +_+

Unknown said...

I must try this recipie! <3

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