Tuesday, 10 January 2012

More of Singapore and Almost Famous Amos Choc Chip Cookies

.....hmmm, by the second day , we realise that we didn't do what we were supposed to do...strolling at the Botanical Gardens and just stroll along the streets of Singapore. We have been entertained and well fed by the lovely people whom we met there! So, on the second day, we decided to go to Orchard Road and the Arab Street....  

If I were travelling alone, I wouldn't stop and take this picture! The corridor leading to our room.

This is a view from our room, the bridge leads to the east coast and Changi Airport.

The floating stage...registration for Singapore's National Service was going on that Saturday morning.

This skyscrapers remind me of New York!

The casino!

After National Service registration!

Desserts offered by the hotel...

A lady on the train, I like her lipstick colour, and Singaporeans are very trendy!

Queuing to board the train....not a sight in KL!

View of Arab Street from Zam Zam Restaurant... a must visit when in Singapore. Been coming here since knowing hubs about 20 years ago!

The famous Murtabak Singapura!

....and Lamb Shank Biryani...go go glory calories!

The shops here belong to generations of the same family...while we were entertained by his son, the shop owner who could probably be in his late 80's was doing his book-keeping ...manually!

I managed to refrain myself from being lost in the bales of pretty cloth materials, only got a piece for Mak, MIl and Superwomanwannabe! But, I fell in love with their French lace!

Masjid Sultan, it's here or the mosque at Orchard Rd that we usually perform our salats! Singapore nowadays has become more Muslim friendly, there was a direction for salat in my hotel room!

That evening we were driven to Upper Changi bordering Geylang for some Chinese Muslim food by hubs's cousins Sue and Zul!

I had this Salted Egg Porridge! Of course there were other dishes...I was so sleepy to take pics...yawwwnnnnn.....but then..

at close to midnight Rima pinged me asking me to get my butt off the bed and go to Mustafa Centre that is open for 24 hours! I love this place! It has everything literally everything under one roof! And they are cheap! If I had not busted my allocation, I would have brought back some Super Long Basmathi rice....you Singaporeans are so lucky, they are so cheap!

I had Ginger Tea and pinched a bit of Rima's paratha!This place reminds me of Bayswater or Edgware Road in London...the city never sleeps!

Desserts at Starbucks, Marina Shopping Mall..

Desserts offered by the hotel.....memang menggemukkan!

Busy Paul at Takashimaya...for me Takashimaya is Singapore! Orchard Road is Singapore! and now Mustafa Centre is Singapore muahaha!

Old man doing belly dancing with his wooden beads!

I see that Chanels and LVs are no brainers for people who walk on the streets of Orchard Road! Like this Chanel bag!

Abercombie was just opened, but I don't know how people shops there, it was almost dark to browse the stuffs in there...but the male model who ushered us at the entrance was juicy, he had "six packs"!

He looked someone like this!

Okay...that's about it that took place in Singapore. We left on Sunday night...I was still counting the things that I wanted to buy, haha! Will surely make another trip there and be pampered by the lovelies, Rita, Rima and Sue...and hope to meet Ribbon and Circus. Tq beautifuls peeps!

I have received emails and comments asking me to show what I purchased from the bakeshops, well! Suffice to say that I got 6kg of Valrhona cocoa powder, it's white and choc buttons Manjari, Callebaut and some other choc chips, fruit puree, fruit paste, colour powder, baking trays of different sizes, tart tins, cake mould, dragees, tools for my sugarpaste, cutters, bla bla bla...most are for me and some for me to give away!

Ok! Let's make Almost Famous Amos Choc Chip Cookie, now! I made this on Thursday night for Umar's birthday that fell on Sunday. He didn't want any cakes, he wanted this! The kids love this, and now that FIl tasted this, he also love this cookie!


250g salted butter, soft, I used Anchor
200g light brown sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp coffee oil
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 cup oats, I used Nestum
1/4 cup ground almonds
1/2 cup nuts, I used roasted macadamias that MIL brought from her New Zealand trip recently
1 pack, about 250g choc chip, I used choc chips from Bagus and topped with chopped Manjari buttons
300g self raising flour


At least 2 hours before or overnight infuse coffee oil with egg, I didn't do...forgot! otherwise, preheat oven at 150C. Beat butter, sugar and salt to combine. Beat in the egg coffee oil mixture and vanilla. Mix until well combined. Stir in the Nestum, ground almond, nuts. Last, fold in the sifted self raising flour. The dough was not too stiff neither moist.

I used a table spoon to make balls which i pressed a bit in the middle to flatten and bake on baking papers for about 20 minutes! Well, the first tray of cookies disappeared almost instantaneously after it came out from my oven. I love this cookie, need I say more, hehe!

I'm back into the real world now after my short getaway in Singapore and hope to offer you more bakes and new recipes! Till the next post..tra!


Anonymous said...

Yani, I never realise how much I miss Singapore. I literally grew up there since JB is nearby. Haven't tasted zamzam's murtabak for ages neither have I been to Arab Street since eons ago. Thank you for bringing back the sweet memories of the places that I love. Kak Nana

MrsNordin said...

The French lace I bought from Arab Street 3 years ago is still in my cupboard untouched. Tak tahu bila nak buat baju... hee.. hee..

In your busy-ness, sempat jugak squeeze a quick getaway with hubby.. Great!! No wonder senyum meleret pagi tadi..:)

kay_leeda said...


These are such beautiful pictures. Am missing Singapore pulak dah now...hu hu...

Naz in Norway said...

Very nice pictures, Yani!
I have heard so much about MC but I think that's a place to go with gfs more than hubs, non?

Patyskitchen - Exploring Global Flavor Around The World said...

Hey..great story..great photo and great recipe. I LIKE

Salwati said...

Cool pic beb....where can i get the coffee oil?failed in doin my macaron last week...huhuhu will try again! Glad if i can try your resepi this time....nanti share lah

cheapest hotels in Singapore said...

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