Monday, 19 March 2012

The Weekend That Was!

...I couldn't even describe how last week was, busy was an understatement! But thank God, I managed to pull through...was catching a cold on Saturday, but after I popped one Clarinase, and downed loads of water, I bounced back!

...and talking about orders, all except for one were collected on Saturday! Pheww...and I dropped off with pleasure this cake and finally came face to face with a baker (I wouldn't consider her as a junior)who makes Macarons the Italian Meringue way for orders....whom I have great respect....Farhannah , a Psychology student who bakes and takes orders. It was like "drama Hindustan" where and when we must imagine this, I was waiting at a bus stop in Kelana Jaya LRT and as Farhannah was walking hastily towards me, I was doing the same! She just got back from college activities...I was going to a nephew's birthday do! Farhannah ordered a Red Velvet cake for her brother's birthday...her brother is Khadijah, my eldest daughter's age, so, really Farhannah is fit to call me aunty, haha!...anyway, next time we met we will exchange our macarons:p

...Farhannah and me, picture taken using my BB....

That was Saturday. Yesterday I made this for lunch.....

Pan Grilled Kembung (Mackerel)
Clean and wash 2 kembungs and drain. Pound fresh turmeric, about 2 inches with some salt. Coat the fishes with turmeric and salt and 2 tablespoon blended chili.Grill on a non-stick pan with 2 tbsp oil. Serve with Sambal Kicap....sedaap!

....I made a quick dash to Pasar Taman TTDI yesterday, and got myself some Pucuk Paku, Terung Pipit, Pisang Muda, Basil Leaves...and made this..

Masak Lemak Pucu Paku With Terung Pipit
Take the young shoots and leaves from Pucuk Paku, wash and drain. Smash the Terung Pipit with a pestle, set aside. Pound some cili padi, 2 cloves garlic and fresh turmeric, about 2 inches with salt. Add this to a cup of coconut milk in a medium pot. on medium fire cook this with Pucuk Paku and Terung all at one go. One it stared to simmer just about to boil, turn off heat.

I also made Assam Pedas Ikan Kurau yesterday, and fried salted was a complete ala kampung kunch yesterday...until I made Toffee Date Pudding for dessert and tea later, hehe! Awesome!

...and here's the Red Velvet cake I made for Farhannah, no fancy shmancy decoration, just me and my Red Velvet cake! Tqs a lot Farhannah for this order and most of all for the opportunity to meet you, weeeee!

#ps, the recipes are no brainers, but I think they will make you tick :p


ijayuji said...

Salam kak yani! aaawwwww!! mcm ank dara you! 2 2 comel, kek bwh tu lagi lerr sedap ehehe...

LEEzasTOUch said...

So this is how the Kitchen Guardian looks like....pretty as the foods u bake...hehehe!

Farhanah said...

Baru perasan this post! Laughed at the Hindustan part, hahah :D

My mum baru lepas went thru another episode of 'Ya Allah cantiknya this, cantiknya that' at all the pictures.

I'm just horrified by the obvious signs of 'tired + kelam kabut' on my face :( :( :(

Thank you again for the wonderful cake!

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