Monday, 20 May 2013

The Baking Series....What I have Learnt!

I recreated the cymbidium orchids that I learnt in Bangkok! I'm not afraid of doing wired petals anymore!

Hi you alls! Yup! I call the classes that I have had so far, the Baking Series....I have started having the classes way back in March, April and May. I will have 2 classes in June, one of which will be in Kota Bharu, and another one possibly in Kuantan, before I break for Ramadhan, Syawal, Aidul Adha. I hope to have new sets of classes, different modules after the can't be serving your customers the same desserts all the time, right!..and I'm all excited to work on a master cake for my very own fondant series, you know from my cakes that I suck big time in buttercream, I'm only bothered with how the cakes tastes, so, I'm happier working with fondant hehe... 

Been thinking a lot about this Macadamia White Chocolate Cake and I shared this in Premium Chocolate Cake class, the cake was da bomb!

Actually, from the baking classes so far I think I have learnt so much more from the knowledge that I gave away...the students were very inspiring, they only inject positive vibes to you! Most of them have established their own caking business and I must say that they all are doing very doing business is definitely the way to go!

All the classes will end this way, we all had fun!

.,..and for us who came to the classes, it was like our "me time", learning new recipes and techniques and making new friends and sharing of good and not so good times stories! We all became friends! I can't ask for more than that, right!...and for knowledge, the students came all the way from different states, north, south, east and west..and I couldn't believe that Rozana actually flew all the way from Brunei! Alhamdulillah!

Sarah, my intern , a second year medical student, whom I'm confident will have a very bright future as a medical practitioner, photographer (like me) and baker (like me too)!

I have also had young aspiring bakers who are now studying in college ....and there were a few who had just finished their secondary education, who are doing very well in their studies and who will take up culinary  studies when they completed their degrees! These kids know what they wanted and where they wanted to go...oh I can only be pleased and be encouraged to work harder!

All this brought me thinking, why didn't I do this all earlier....the Almighty knows best and only directing me to this path now...

Gotta go, no recipes to share but am thinking of baking something with bananas and salted caramel, what say you, hehe..

Cheers, take care, be happy and please be productive :p

xoxo Yani thekitchenguardian.  


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous cakes, Yani! Am delighted by your baking journey!


Azrina said...

So delicious looking cake Yani!

Unknown said...

follower nye kak..

Gujjar said...

A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe. Merlow

Kelly Brook@PhD Degree Programs said...

My, this is something yummy and interesting! I’m really fond of cakes beautifully designed. I even dreamed of baking it but it’s completely hopeless. It will only remain a dream impossible to hold. But this blog will remain an inspiration to me. Thanks for lifting up my spirit. God Bless!

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Maleni D. said...

Hi Kak Yani,

I am so inspired by ur post. I am too a student, who loves to bake! I plan to take up classes too, to learn the right way to do it. Hopefully, I'll be able to join one of the classes that you conduct!

Keep baking and putting smiles on everyone's faces! Ur cakes are beyond beautiful!

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