Monday, 22 July 2013

Moving On.....

.....moving on does not mean that you forget the past, it means that you've accepted it and decided to live with it....

Well peeps, it should have been my off day today. But, I will be delivering this beauties as instructed by their beautiful sender (I am only but the baker, hi hi). This will be my routine for the next two days. Thank you the "tiger bank" for giving me this opportunity again:p

We are coming to the second half of Ramadhan, and I have been truly blessed! Aren't we all, for we never know that we'll meet this month again next, let's continue with our ibadah and sedekah!

Here's a beautiful song to lift your spirits on a Monday morning!

xoxo Yani thekitchenguardian....


Siti of Vitamin Ibu said...


what cakes are that dear?

seems so yummilicious

nak roder for raya but since u said iis your temporary time off to concentrate for Ramadhan.....i hold my order

remember me?

i ordered 4 cakes with you before

they are superb fantastic delicious :)

Happy Ramadhan dear Yani :)

Anonymous said...

salam..bila akak nak letak latest post...

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