Monday 29 June 2015

Two Years and We Are Staying...

Assalamualaikum and good morning! I have not been updating my blog and i'm not ashamed to admit that. I believe that at this age, I will do what I had to do and updating my blog was not in my top priority list. But, I have many things planned , hence, closing down this blog was not in my to do list.

On 1.7.2015 would mark my two years leaving full time employment... 2 is just a small number....but, boy have I done and achieved and learnt so much! I remembered the few months before that  I decided to quit, the thought was very scary! When I counted my earnings then, I could only barely survive...and yup 6months after I left my paid job, I had only rm1k in my account!

I couldn't turn back, so I decided that things have to work out and I have to work (my butt out)...alhamdulillah, today I have some extras to give away...but that was not what I learnt...I was tested (a lot, but best wo!) last year...I was played out many times and used a lot of times ... errr sometimes I allowed them to use me, haha! And not to mention pictures of my bakes being used on the media! Anyway, I'm ok with all this, no feelings , numb now...

Being new in business (yeah this baking business is just a home based business), but whatever principles strategy costing planning all play their role...and I am the master planner of my small business. I'm beefing up myself in this areas, in fact measuring my cake batters to be divided into cake tins would also be measured...I'm a sanguine you see, we are happy with agak-agak jer...competition is stiff now and I'm competing with this young lanky pretty girls who bake, so, I couldn't make myself younger or prettier, having nicer and more delicious and pretty cakes are the way to go haha!

Our focus is still making cakes and bakes for the masses as we have decided that we will stay a bit in this industry and we also decided to grow, hehe, Happy Anniversary The Kitchen Guardian!

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