Wednesday 14 January 2009

The Children In Gaza and My Goals For 2009 (part 3)

Yes, when I was St Nicks, I worked very hard and I was also very active in my Co-curricular activities...for what I didnt know, and I was not competing with anyone. But I knew I wanted to study in a sekolah asrama penuh, since I failed in that mission in Form 1, I thought if I could make it in Form 4, wouldnt be a bad idea...My regret now, is that I was not particularly close to any of the girls in St Nicks, but I knew that they had so much fun...well, I had mine, too, but almost in my very own sole territory. Thank god for technology, I have now been in contact with some of them through...err what else FB!!

I didnt realise that I did very well in my SRP (now equivalent to PMR) that I scored all As, I didnt strive for that actually, but I remember doing all the past years questions for all the subjects before the exams..and of course that gave me the pass to get into a boarding school...Sekolah Menengah Sains Tuanku Syed Putra, Perlis...di hujung dunia which was perpetually without water and electricity. Life was tough there, I hated the routines and I didnt study well, I hated the boys and almost all the teachers, they re all so kuno (well, coming from Convent yang modern tu)...menyesal sungguh..but I couldnt turn back, and return to St Nicks, especially after my father had to be posted to KL again. Also, I know that I wouldnt get all the attention and guidance from this particular Add Maths teacher!

I stayed on and did my SPM, my trial results werent excellent, however, enough for me to catch the attention of JPA for a scholarship to go abroad, yes!! I thank my luky stars I was selected to do an English program and ALevels just after my SPM. I couldnt remember much about ALevels except that life was tough for me financially as I had to rely solely on my scholarship, it was recession time, then. Also my younger sister made it to MU to study medicine, and two younger brothers were also schooling! I had a fun time with my classmates N8 and had a crush on my DH, hmmm more stories about that in other postings!

Whilst doing ALevels, my results werent that bad, to enable to be earmarked to go to UK straight, rather than study the first year inbound, wu hu! There, too I notice those girls ala ala BBGS, and it's where I learnt and wondered where they got this nice lacy bras, white or very light pink in colurs, from...Rupanya, depa semua dok pakai bra St Michaels (my early encounters of my legacy and loving St Michaels bras, ha ha ha!)

It was during ALevels that I knew I wanted to go to UK, didnt matter what course I'll end-up with, but I have to go London to see the Queen and the London's something that I wanted to do from my childhood days in Baling....hmm the power of your dreams! You get what you wished for, sooner or later! More stories about my life in UK later!!

No, studying law was not what I had wished for, cooking and having a food business is what I want to do, how lah want to change all this!!?? To cut a long story short, I had my Law degree, got a job and my dreams to climb the corporate ladder all were put aside when I had my first child 15 years ago.....I'm not regretting, but the point is I have somewhat stopped dreaming for myself, yes I want my children to do well, but personally I have come to almost a halt....hence, for 2009, I am at least doing this:

1. To register for Haj, for me and DH...think inshaallah our prayers will be answered and we'll be His guests again in 2011.
2. Start reading the Quran, yang dok collect dust, rather than fret and grumble on the no of books and magazines that I have not finished reading.
3. Now, with baby no 6 on the way, I am seriuosly taking steps to call it quits to full time working and be my own boss, errr cant see myself working in DH's practice though :)
4. Really be concerned, rather than leave my children their school worked for me then, but dont think it'll work in this generation!

And these dreams from those days have not been realised own my own beemer and to go to Central Park, New York...oh when oh when!!


MrsNordin said...

Bab berkenalan dengan DH ni yang tak sabbaq nak tunggu!

Naz in Norway said...

Count me in, Yani...tak sabaq nak baca!

t o r t s said...

all the best & may all ur dreams come

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