Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Soto Ayam

Yesterday, the kids refuse to makan what I cooked: ikan jenahak masak lemak and ikan bilis goreng assam kicap. Think after close to 2 months at home during the school hols, the kids taste buds dah naik lemak, jadi memilih pulak...according to my maid they all had tuna sandwich instead for dinner....except for Khadijah who comes home in the afternoon after school and have lunch, the boys usually dah have their lunches in school, provided by their school...

So, I thought I'd make Soto Ayam instead today....sempat but without the pagedel-lah, dont trust my maid to make them, sure tak jadi...harap her to goreng the pagedel pun tak boleh harap!!

So, this morning moi woke up at 5.30 and started preparing the Soto Ayam, senang je....

Soto Ayam

1 chicken, quartered
2 large onions
5 clove garlic
2 inches ginger
9 stalks of serai, slice the soft part je, we dont want all the dauns, LOL
1 senduk besar rempah sup adabi

Blend the onions, garlic, ginger and serai, tumis with about half a bowl of oil. When fragrant, add in the rempah sup paste (add water to make paste). Fry until pecah minyak on slow fire, add about 3 litres of water, leave to boil, add one shredded daun limau purut. Once soup starts to boil, add the chicken, leave to cook and remove the chicken from the soup, salt to taste. Once cool, shread the flesh of chicken and all the tulangs dump them back into the soup. Sometimes, I like to add buah keras and a bit of fresh turmeric into the soap, it's all to you liking. The buah keras will make the soup more lemak. Some people like to add a bit of coconut milk, also, but my kids tak suka...

To garnish, I usually have taugeh (beansprout), chinese parsley (thinly sliced), pagedel, sambal kicap and bawang goreng. The recipes for pagedel and sambal kicap are as follows:


4 large potatoes, those that you use to make mashed potatoes, peel off the skin, slice and fry, drain the oil. Pound using the batu tumbuk.
200 g minced beef, wash and drain the excess water
1 tablespoon bawang goreng
2 tablespoon chinese parsley
rempah sup, if you like
salt to taste

Mix all the ingredients and make them into small balls, the size of golf balls, dip in beaten egg and deep fry in hot oil, drain the excess oil

Sambal Kicap

2 clovse garlic
1 teaspoon bawang goreng
10 cili padi, the kampung ones are the best!
2 tablespoon sugar
1 senduk besar kicap masin
1 senduk besar kicap manis

Tumbuk the garlic, bawang goreng, cili padi, gula and sugar, then add the kicaps..

As for the nasi impit, thanks to the Adabi family, not only that they have the ketupak segera, but now they also have them mini sizes just like the size of the ketupat satay, cool-kan. So, I just boil the nasi impit/ketupat, and all was rady by the time I left howm i.e at 7.30 this morning....happy trying!!


Breakaway said...

Amboi sedapnya..jom pi Aini's at Nilai!
Anyway ,I'm like your kids after the 2mths school hols i dah naik lemak!!but not my attitude (:

t o r t s said...

Nak makan soto ayam jugak. Yaniiiiiiiii... bila nak jemput ni?

KG said...

Breakaway, torts,

Give me a date...silalah mai makan, preferabbly haghi ahad, bawak sekali loved ones had ada di sinilah no!

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