Monday, 10 January 2011

Umar Turns 8

It was Umar's birthday on Saturday, but the boys had a full day of extra-curricular activities, so we celebrated his birthday yesterday. Furthermore, Yusof was returning home from Yemen yesterday and my mak ayah and hubby's cousins came to see Yusof.....
I thought Umar or rather the kids would have had enough of my cakes, so, I ordered this cuppies from Buttercream Genious! The kids loved them, and I especilly loved the deco...I can never achive the same deco!
Happy Birthday Umar, another avid reader after Khadijah!
Umar and his cousin and Ibraheem...
A glimpse of Yusof at the arrival hall....he is more matured and changed (a bit)...but alhamdulillah!

I did a lot of baking this weekend, and will post some recipes soon, bye!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Umar and welcome home Yusuf!

It was nice of you to order from Edi. Yes she is the buttercream genious!

KG said...

wiz, nanti i order bday cake i dari you...nak fondant punye!

Rima said...

Happy bday Umar and good job Edi.. i dont think i can do that kinda deco too!

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