Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Lapis Cheesecake!

Well! This might not look like kek lapis at all....the layers are not visible, I have tweaked the recipe without doing any research of the outcome....but, I must tell you...this cake , this cake....mmmm...this cake....ahh, I can't describe how good it was.....like Rima said...indeed it was the best of both worlds!

I shall now try more cheesecake recipes and....layer cakes, of course! Yup, it took a while to prepare and bake this cake, but it was well devoured by my family...it was Umar's lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday! Haha! When hubs return from Ayer Baloi on Sunday, he could only utter...."ni ajer yang tinggal?"....only about 1/8 of the cake left!  
Layer Cake
300g egg yolks (I used 15 yolks)
150g caster sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract + 1 tsp vanillin powder

10g low protein flour-cake flour
10g milk powder

300 butter I used SCS salted
2 tbsp condensed milk

250g moxed fruits soaked in orange juice, I used dried cranberries coated with lemon juice and golden syrup...boleh?? haha...this is where the chaos started! but....don't care lah!
500g cream cheese
150 icing sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp lemon paste + 1 tsp lemon juice...boleh? I did it anyway, haha!

300g eggs (I used 6 eggs)

100g natural yoghurt 
Layer Cake
Whisk (A) till light and fluffy.
Add (B) and continue to whisk using low speed, set aside.
Whip butter and condensed milk till soft and pale.
Add (C) to (A) and (B) and mix till well combined.
Bake like you would usually bake kek lapis...hehe, I didn't weigh, so, with the cranberry bits...they were all not even at all...nevertheless nice haha! I used an 8x8 cake tin.

Whisk (A) using medium speed till soft.
Add in (B) and continue to whisk.
Add (C) and continue to whisk till well combined.
Wrap your cake tin with aluminium foil, and pour this cream cheese batter on the layer cake.
Steam bake using 160C top fire and 170C bottom fire for 90 mins.
Once baked let it cool...I chilled for about 2 hours before serving...after that the cake was gloin in and out of the fridge, haha! 

Tq Rima for this recipe!
...Not pretty but darn delicious...who cares...I don't!
...here's my supposedly work of art...haha, getting me who can't even draw orang lidi to do this Angry Birds! Who are you kidding, Yani...anyway, yup done thsi last night after everyone went to bed....
They were cake toopers for a Devil's Food Chocolate Cake with Choc Ganache all using Valrhona Cocoa, for a 6 year old Aisyah's birthday...I couldn't arrange the toppers on the cake as the cake was supposed to be brought to school tomorrow. Mom Ilyana is my colleague in another division...tq Lyana!
Here's Muhammad practicing his motor skills, plucking cherries and counting...one...two...three.....
Updated! Aisyah and her cake, deco by mom!


Anonymous said...

...and you still have time to bake kek lapis! Kalau I dh lama duduk bawah katil pekuk bantal, malas nak layan dunia. But that's me. YOu have the superpower!

Tina said...

i agree with the superpower! this blog owner, this Kitchen Guardian lady thrives on no sleep and baking challenges!!


OMG! Cantiknya the angry birds. Pandai sgt! But I know the superpower comes from the thought that you lose yourself in your passion and all the outside noises don't get in when you're passionately and devotedly baking. Whoa. Still can't get over those angry birds. cute sgt!

SaSsYAnGeL said...

omigosh !!! those angry birds is soooooo chomel !!! boleh la nanti nk buat birthday cake Izz letak angry birds lak ... ahahahh .. budak kecik tuh suka main angry birds now nie .... :) Yani, i am now tengah mengumpul semua recipe u to put into one book ... ur blog is sooooo inspiring for me to bake again ! tapi tu la kan , masa nyer selalu takder ... :( takper, kumpul recipe dulu ... then, ill start baking again ...

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