Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Bubur Lambuk........Adam dan Hawa!

Assalamualaikum, hi ya you all! I have been away from this blog for so long...at least that is how I felt! You can't imagine the kind of madness that I have been going through lately, I won't be able to describe! One thing for sure we are fine and happy!....and I have been baking loads and doing loads of office work as well!

Anyway, it was 10 Muharram last Saturday, and hubs wanted Bubur Lambuk...some people call them Bubur Asyura. He gave me two recipes, I chose this one that is not so spicy!

3 cups rice, washed and set aside
1 large onion, sliced
rempah tumis ie cloves, cardamom anise, cinnamon stick
oil for sautee, tumis
1 large onion, 5 cloves garlic, 2 inches ginger, pound or blend
2 tbsp rempah sup, I used Adabi's
2 tbsp rempah Baryani, I used Hj Sernan's ...the best!
about 500g minced beef, better to use thinly sliced and chopped beef, Ramly's was a practical option...I was making about 200 cuppies in between!
2 cups coconut milk, I used 1 cup and another small carton of KARA coconut milk, tu aje yg ada
salt to taste

Tumis or sautee sliced onions till fragrant, add the blended or onion, garlic and ginger tumbuk, fry till fragrant.  Add the rempah tumis. Add the rempah sup and baryani, add some water to make a paste, fry till fragrant yet moist still. Add the minced beef, fry till brown, add water and rice. simmer on medium fire till rice is about cooked, and then add coconut milk and salt to taste. I added/topped the water in the rice twice. I also sprinkled some sliced Chinese Celery (daun sup) and fried onions in the rice before taking it off the fire.

We finished the whole pot of Bubur Lambuk in one helping, hehe! Nothing beats home cooked meal!

......just as I was not happy with my Red Velvet cake recipe, the same thing goes with my Rainbow Cake or White Cake recipe! But guess what, last week I found the recipe that I was looking for! I made this and added Vanilla Extract in the blue batter. lemon paste in the yellow batter and raspberry puree in the crimson batter....the taste ....love it! And nowadays I use all pure butter in my frosting as well, I just love the vanilla buttery taste, of course making swirls could be a bit of a hassle as I have to keep chilling the buttercream when frosting a cake...they melt oh so easily!

....and here's what I did for Nissa, Kak Zaini's daughter's 21st birthday, I added berries puree in the batter! 

...love the colour combination of this macarons. Someone asked me if I froze my macaron shells so that all this colourfull shells. No, I don't do that, what I have been doing was sometimes to split the batter and do different colours. Or otherwise do different colours, hehe!

Mmmmm, I might be quite silent here, but I party in Instagram...do follow me @thekitchenguardian , and feast your eyes with the latest updates of pictures, mostly of my bakes and daily happenings at home and while at work!...and guess what my IG friends watch Adam dan Hawa, the current hot malay soap featuring the handsome Aaron Aziz..makes all of us go gaga! Ah well, I haven't the time to even watch an episode, but as a tribute enjoy this theme song hehe! I love love Siti Nurhaliza's voice and Hafiz's, of course!

I am off my baking radar this weekend, will be away for some teambuilding  get together and then fly to Langkawi with hubs and the kids! Till then, take care, be happy, bake a cake, don't fret :p:p:p

xoxo Yani thekitchenguardian

## orders are closed till year end, thank you for your support lovelies!


MamaTim said...

Ehhh Langkawi!!!? Then drop by mainland for a cuppa and some giggles la Yani. Sham will be here during xmas hols, jom!

Humaira Crib Mama @ HCM said...

Salam, masih ambil order for macarons?

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