Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Sedetik Lebih

...I miss blogging, yes I do! But time really is not on my side....nowadays my updates are all on instagram @thekitchenguardian , if you would like to peep and see what I do...but since Saturday, I have been failing instagram as well! There is so much to do, back at home with orders and during the day, at work. I have emails not replied...please be patient my friends, if I have missed your date, I am so sorry. I have yet to reply messages for orders next week, yup they are confirmed it's just that I know you are waiting for me! Sabar ye...

In the mean time I have been making quite a bit of peonies....you know how much I love peonies...and think I defied gravity the 3rd time last weekend when I made shells for about 750 macarons. I feel so proud of myself...so more macarons...bring it on!

I have to go .....again....enjoy this gorgeous song from a gorgeous guy who has a gorgeous voice! Tadaaa...

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Saidatul Akmal said...


I've been looking for your email address, to place order for my sis's wedding, tp xjumpa. Can u pm me at:


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