Monday, 31 December 2012

Hello 2013!

Hiya you all peeps! I have been quiet the last few weeks, but here I am again. Making a closure to 2012 and welcoming 2013!

Okay, what have I been up to the last few weeks?!......baking, baking and more baking and work , work and more work. My KPIs in the office have all been met except for one that is nearing completion. And I realised that for the past 3 years, this year included, the period between 20 to 25 December were hectic baking time!

This year during that week, I delivered 750 macarons, 600 cupcakes and made a few hantaran cakes! I thought that was an achievement as I made those macarons shells in about 4 days....Rina came to help me with the 600 cupcakes, and another fellow baker Zarin dropped by to check on us! I felt relieved when all were delivered....legaaaa! Think I have lifted my own barrier!

During that hectic period, a few things happen like there are still customers who have not paid me, customers who have made last minute cancellations or confirmations (well, since I don't collect any deposit, I don't really mind the cancellations, but I couldn't accept last minute confirmation, sorry)...I am thinking if I should ask for some deposit when an order is made in future?

Looking back this year, I think I have achieved quite a bit, I bought a new chiller, 2 new mixers and a new oven!....and I bake almost daily, now....I am considering baking full time! Even though I will be selective in January 2013, I need a break ! Ha ha!

Back home Khadijah has secured a JPA scholarship, Yusof is Yusof, Ibraheem, Umar, Hajar and Muhammad have grown, and from June Hajar had started pre-school and completed her pre K1 with flying colours!

At work my boss has given me a bigger task to mind the Enterprise Division....the management has huge expectations from that Division, and I will be doing my bit to support and have already started planning on how to tackle the existing situation and beef up Legal's support for them. I have also been entrusted with the implementation the new Act on data protection in the company.....hehehe....anyone wants to employ me!!

...and yesterday Farida of the Dessert Table managed to drag me to Dr Azizan Osman's seminar on what I consider what one should do in know what I have in my mind, and I have signed up for his seminar in February on Intensif Mentor Kejayaan dan Kekayaan. He said one of the ways to become kaya is to do Dhuha and Tahajjud consistently!! And we want to become kaya is because we can help others...hey I like that, because I too want to do that!

Afdlin Shauki made a surprised appearance and spoke about how grateful and happy the people of Gaza are despite the bombings (he just came back from Gaza recently), giving all praise to Allah and only blaming the Israelis for their condition...what are am doing here moaning!...So, taking action, that's what I will do in 2013! I love it when he shared that to be with the Hamas in war, one must prove that one has done 60 jemaahs for solat Subuh....oh I felt so small! I have arranged to have my first baking class at the Dessert Table's cake studio, for now! The details are as follows:

Date: 5.1.2013
Venue: The Dessert Table, Mutiara Damansara
Module: 3 different white cakes which one of them is rainbow cake, and 3 different frostings
How to register: Please visit The Dessert Table

What are my hopes for be more calm, I have been a bit moody lately it could be that I have been exhausted or I am pre-menapausal...oh tidaaak!I asked my gynae, he said I am still young, I can have another child!! I want to have a bigger share of the cake...wink wink, get it; use my D90 more and learn to edit my photos...and......haha...we'll see!

So! For those who have signed up for my class, I will see you on Saturday ya...have fun, be healthy and happy...Happy New Year 2013. Thank you for your support this year, and I am sorry if I have to turn down your orders.

xoxo Yani thekitchenguardian


Unknown said...

Kak Yani, well done..! On your family, cakes, your work at the office. Oh Kak Yani ada 6 anak ye? I yang 4 anak ni pun terkial-kial hehe.
For the past year I've been selective with gift baskets also. Kadang2 terasa 'ketinggalan' tapi I thought I had to shift more attention to the kids. Takpe, Allah's plans are the best kan :)

naeema said...

I love reading your blog and love seeing the pictures! You're doing great work and can be proud of yourself.

Much love from the Netherlands.


and some people moan when they don't have maids. You're simply flying - both personal and professional level. I too should stop moaning and do more dhuha and tahajjud..It is indeed a great feat but like ustaz and ustazah say, every single breathe shld be for Allah, baru hidup dunia akhirat success! Thanks for the pep-talk. Hang high!

MamaTim said...

HNY Yani. So happy things worked out gorgeously for you (and your kids.. U must be so lega Khadijah getting that scholarship). I guess Huda will be joining U this Saturday. Have fun in class!! Jeles x boleh join!

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

love u kak yani!

Unknown said...

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