Monday, 10 May 2010

Happy Birthday Kitchen Guardian!

This post was meant to be up on Saturday 8.5.2010, but you know, being without a maid and all, I couldn't catch the time to do then! The birthday is one thing but, most importantly, that day will always be remembered by me for the birth of the new, official "Kitchen Guardian", the mother, the legal counsel (for now), the baker, the cook, the cafe, the Kitchen Guardian!

I have many shortcomings now, but hey, if it is not now, it will never be! So, here's presenting you with , the site is still under construction, but I thought this is the best birthday gift that I can give myself...a start to many many more glorious things!

Have a brilliant and productive week you all!XOX


Edi said...

congratulations kak yanie!
looking fwd to many more interesting posts by u!
great web name, btw!

Kama At-Tarawis said...

waahh.. congrats!

Puteri's territory said...

oh wow...wonderful..can't wait for the birth of your kitchenguardian site.

mamasita said...

Happy happy belated birthday KG!!

KG said...

kak puteri, puteri, kak uda...thank you!

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