Monday, 20 September 2010

The Colours of Syawal Day 2

At Azah's......Yusof, Khadijah and Muhammad
Ibraheem and Hajar
Almost Famous Amos Choc Chip sangat, sangat sedap!  These were going to Ayer Baloi..
Kueh Kasui da best, my request to Utih, she repaid me this for the Chocolate Cake that I got her for Raya!
At Mak Cik's, MIL and hubby....
Jordan , Yusof, Khadijah and the other Yusof an Irish Mak Cik's, MIL's arwah's younger brother's house.
Bee Hoon Hailam, Acik's signature dish!

After that, we left for Ayer Baloi! Yeay!


Mama Huptihup said...

seronoknya raya!!

Yan said...

I found you! thanks AGAIN for having us the other day and the YUMMOOOO food! ;) btw, choc chip tu takde pun kat ayer baloi? hehe but i ate lots of your cake! :p

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