Monday, 27 December 2010

Bakes and Cakes

These are some of the things  that had kept me busy the past two weeks...challenging but yet with unforgettable experiences!
Four 8 inches Victoria Sandwich Cakes satcked and covered with fondant. Thank you Edi!
Devil's Food Chcocolate Cake with Cream Cheese and Strawberries, thank you Ina.
Vanilla Cuppies with Vanilla Buttercream, thank you Zasya!
Strawberry Nesquick Macarons, Almond Macarons with assorted filling, thank you Afiza. 
Strawberry Nesquick Macarons, Almond Macarons with French Pastry Cream, thank you Hana.
Baby Blue and White Hantaran Cake, thank you Fathihah.
It was a 50th Anniversary for Sham's parents, these cuppies were for the other 5couples who were celebrating their joyous occasion together...
A 50th Wedding Anniversary Cake for a loving couple...thank you much Sham, my quirky but full of wisdom friend! (2 ten inches and seven inchesVictoria Sandwich Cakes stacked and wrapped in fondant, since their wedding cake was blue, Sham requested for blue themed cake for their anniversary)
This is not a ckae ha ha...finger snipping along the way...ouch and it's still recovering...I actually snipped off some ...there was not a drop of blood in those cakes, in case you wonder if the pengantins would turn into raja bersiong , ha ha!
White and Silver HAntaran Cuppies, thank you Rohaida!
And..tis is the season to be jolly....Vanilla Cuppies and Choc Cuppies (I couldn't find the pics to post here!) for a X'mas party, thank you Vida (whom I considered all time Miss Malaysia)! 
Victoria Sandwich Cake for two birthday kiddos, thank you Huda!
A Shabby Chique Butter Cake with Vanilla Buttercream, thank you Kak Inah!

And now, I can put up my feet a bit while thinking of new recipes to explore.....Happy New Year you alls, thank you for your support, thank you for reading, muahhhsss....


Edi said...

shabby design tu i suker.. hehehe... terkejut baca yg mula2 tu, thank you Edi! hahaha.. ingatkan i td!

Anonymous said...

The blue hantaran cake is a dejavu!

Tina said...

I love the white and silver hantaran cuppies!! Classic beauty!!

KG said...

i dah agak you sure suka tt shabby chique design...very me...yg tak suka things to be so std! yg sebenarnya i nak berguru buttercream dgn you!

KG said...

dejavu! or great minds think my sifu ma:p

KG said...


yup, the less colour or no colour the better ....for me!

Memorable trails... said...


KG said...

memorable trails,

tqs for dropping by!

Edi said...

kak yani, your buttercream looks good enough for me.. but i'm more than happy to share what i know.. bebile u free kita set date ok!

Rima said...

I cuma boleh smile bila u kata u can put up ur feet a bit.. hehhe

Eh actually i also nak belajar fm Edi lah.. how ah.. i ni jauh sangat lahhh... :o(

Edi said...

boleh rima.. tp i seganla u lagi terror la... adoiyay... hehe... u turun KL kang, kite jumpelah.. dgn kak yani skali ke.. balik rumah kak yani buat buttercream pon boleh gaks.. hehe..

KG said...

i oso gelak haha!

KG said...

joms! @ my house pun boleh, but kena pakai spec tt tak nampak all the semakness!

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