Monday, 13 December 2010

Oh Ayer Baloi!

It has been quite a while since I went back to Ayer Baloi....since my inlaws were returning from their holiday in New Zealand on Thursday, and FIL wanted to meet his grandchildren, we decided that we should leave for Ayer Baloi immediately after work on Friday. We got there around 9.30 pm.....MIL and FIL were still jet-lagged and were in JB (they went and arrived via Changi Airport), but got home around 1 am!

It was a good break for me...and it was more of a baking weekend for me! Here are some shots!
Vintage lamp at the entrance of the house.
Some old sketches on the wall, picture was taken by Ibraheem.
MIL working on the pictures that she took during her hols.
The landing....
On Saturday after I cleaned the house, I headed straight to Chan Guan, my regular baking haunt! I was looking for Hong Kong flour to make brorozan's Marble Nutella cake, but found all ingredients and things enough for me to make macarons! Ahah!
My regular kedai supply lauk pauk! You can see Hajar backing the camera! 
It was 12.20 pm and what was left were Kuah Assam Pedas, Ayam Masak Lemak and Kangkung Goreng Belacan.. 
Once arrived I tidied my catch of the day and started making Jasmine Tea Macarons (got the powder from Chan Guan)...see those happy RM200 Elba oven never fails me! Recipe in another post!
Pak Ngah (FIL's only brother) came from JB to spend the night with us and bought this yummy goreng pisang from Pekan Ayer Baloi for tea, they finished in a blink...I ate mine with the Sambal Kicap that MIL made!
This was the Marble Nutella Cake that I made (recipe in another post), half were gone the minute I put on the table.....think this received a no 2 rating after Victoria Sandwich cake amongst my family! Woot!
This is not to be eaten (maybe I can dry them and grind them in my macarons batter!)...Bunga Kenanga!
On Sunday morning MIL asked me to bake this Cheese Scones (I'll post the recipe later), she got the recipe from hubby's cousion whom she went to visit in NZ. Apart from this MIL made Bubur Air with all the complete condiments and we had these and Murtabak Singapore for breakfast.....

Can you imagine how difficult it was for us to drag our feet to go back to KL with all these....well, we left after solat Maghrib and now we are all immersed in the hustle and bustle of KL life again...... passion fruit tree is doing very well, according to my neighbour it wsa in full bloom but none turned to bear fruits...maybe because we were not there!


Tina said...

i love this post!! love the photos too!! i have a small piece of land in kuala ketil, kedah inherited from grandmum, maybe one day can build a house like your family's lovely ayer baloi home...esok2 bolehlah ajak anak2 balik kampung sekali sekali...not sure if they have a baking supplies shop in the area, though!! ;-)

the green tea macs are gorgeous!! so are the marble cake and scones!! you ni memangla Kitchen Guardian! don't pray pray!!

Rima said...

u like the taste of marble nutella?? kat sini laku bangat cake tu.. especially fofular among the kids dah..

Dah lama tak buat macarons.. malas pong ade.. ni christmas got order.. i dont feel like baking it lah :o(

Edi said...

kak yani, i sangat miss makan goreng pisang cicah kicap!!! kat sini mana ade kan? x pernah jumpe.. bile i ckp dgn my husband, dia mcm pelik.. "cicah kicap? gilo ko po.." something like that.. hahaha...

pics are gorgeous.. rumah tu sgt klasik! tu rumah where arwah zoorek grew up kan? miss her.. alfatihah..

KG said...


you org kuala ketil, my kg in baling sangatlah dekat!....i know in alorq straq ada huge baking supply shop!

KG said...

am enjoying the time baking for myself...tak stress dgn orders, until nxt year...

KG said...

edi, dulu i rasa org gila makan goreng pisang dgn kicap, until i got marruied to this family...kita sama sama gila...buatlah sambal kicap sendiri, tumbuk cili padi kg dlm 12 biji, add a pinch of sald, 4 cloves garlic, 1 tbsp bawang goreng, 1 tbsp gula and tarok kicap manis, perah liamu nipis sikit kalau nak!

INTAN said...

Salam kak Yani..
sgt suke baca blog akak..n actually dah follow your blog for quite some times your your entries..but what i like most is your picts!!these really encourage me to LEARN to bake..hehe.Keep it up kak!

LifeBloom said...

Love the pics and post :D

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