Friday 1 April 2011

Sicilian Orange Cake

Phew...yesterday was the last day of Milkadeal redemption! I learnt a lot from the 2 months' experience baking and delivering Red Velvet Cakes and cuppies for the deal.....there were highs and also lows...but I would consider the whole experience, a life time experience! My life has changed, definitely since signing up the contract with Milkadeal! Woot...alhamdulillah! And, after months of baking almost nightly and daily (at the wee hours in the morning, woke up at abt 3 am...whoaa... and to those who think that I take MC the next, it's not my habit!), and we had a small party thrown by big big big boss for her birthday yesterday (pictures and stories later...), and one cancellation...last night I managed to bake this cake (well, I got orders for macarons, that'll have to wait to Friday night!)! Well, I wanted to make Rhubard and Strawberry Crumble, but my supply of rhubarb will only be in today!

And...after baking this cake, I now knew why Rima baked this cake again and's gorgeous to say the least! The smell of orange zest and creamy velvety batter with specs of orange zest is enough to make me want to slurp the batter......I didnt't, but hubby couldn't wait for the cake to cool, before digging in!, her's how!
250g butter, at room temperature, I used Tatura salted
250g caster sugar, I used 230g
4 medium eggs
250g self raising flour
85 freshly squeezed orange juice
1 1/2 tsp orange zest

For The Icing
125g icing sugar, I estimated, he, he as usual!
5 tsp freshly squeezed orange juice......I used 5 tbsp...hehe, some rules are meant to be broken and it feels nice to be naughty at times

1. Preheat the oven at 170Celcius, prepare cake tins. I used my non fancy schmancy bundt pans that I got from the local bake shop and a cake tin.
2.Cream butter and sugar until pale and light. Beat in the eggs one at a might want to add a bit of flour as you mix to prevent the mixture from curdling...I didn't.
3.Fold in the orange zest. Fold in flour all at once and mix well until incorporated, lastly add the orange juice....I added in two additions.
4. Spoon into baking tins, bake for about 40 minutes. Let cool before pouring the icing....
5.For the icing, sift icing sugar into a bowl (what do you think? of course I skipped this, haha!) and stor in the orange juice until you achieve a spreadable consistency...mine was runny as I decided that I wanted more juice! Pour the icing on the cakes and let them set before serving......well couldn't wait for that long baby.....Hajar was up and stood right next to the cakes...while I picked up the crumbs, hehe!
Think today is going to be an orange day...Rima (oh by the way tqs Rima for this recipe!) is in town, and she has my Valrhona Cocoa powder with going for an early lunch to meet my baking buddy! Have a brilliant weekend! xox

p/s pls give this cake a shot, it's super duper easy and quick to make!

.....after the brilliant meeting.....with Sizuka and Aisyah joined in....Rima actually got me a loaf of Sicial Orange Cake packed nicely in this box....nope am not sharing this with anyone! I got Rima same Malay kuehs from Mak Jah and Pulut Kuning and Rendang Ayam. Shared some of my Sicilian Orange Cake that I made last nite with Sizuka...she gave me a face mask (woot! can use tonite...err i never used any face mask before :p) and her Kek Lapis Prune and German Apple Cake.....wonderful!
Rima's cake and the wrapper of the cakes tha Sizuka gave me...I finshed them while talking...hehe!Rima you are looking good, must be the loads of butter!
Valrhona Cocoa Powder...cant wait to use them!
And the jolly and cheerful and friendly Sonia!

Thanks much Rima, Sizuka and Aisyah....I will inform you of the next macaron class.....


Edi said...

mmg pun.. kek ni sedap!! i pun dah berapa kali buat nie..
kirim salam rima eh..
kak yani, jumpa ahad ni. dont forget your address and map kalau ade!

Tina said...

Boleh bau from here lah!! Looks aromatic, light and fluffy! Must ajar anak2 buat ni..they love citrus in a cake...can imagine them wanting to make this every weekend!

Janine said...

Your little mini bundts look really good! And totally salute you on how you juggle baking and working at the same time!

Sizuka said...

lol k.yani! lajunya update :D

Unknown said...

i baked this for my dotter's class.. and they asked for more! its really a winner! thank you to sis rima for introducing this SOC! and now you make me drool.. balik nanti kena drop by PKM beli orange!

LifeBloom said...

The Sicilian is GORGEOUS with a capital G!

KG said...

edi, one day e meet her together gether

KG said...

tina...this cake is a winner...tak jemu buat and tak jemu makan!

KG said...

janine...humble bundt pans frm bake wt yen

KG said...

sizuka...kalau pasai masak memasak!!

KG said...

sizuka...kalau pasai masak memasak!!

KG said...

juuuuuu....pressure cooker ku!

KG said...

lifebloom...sedapkan kan kan!!

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