Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Week That Was....

Devils Food Choc Cake with Cream Cheese< Choc GAnache and Strwberries, tq Amizah!

It was a chaotic week last week! With office load and Muhammad and Hajar were not feeling well...think I had about 3 hours sleep daily! I took Tuesday off, thought of finishing my macaron shells and went for some pampering and menicure pedicure.....but the weather? It rained and was super damp that day, or the egg white or the ground almond was moist....I busted 4 batches of macarons that Tuesday morning (there were feet and all but they were very gritty and the feet was not even!)...and I busted 2 more batches in the afternoon...shouldn't have used the same stuffs when the whole thing was wrong....grrrrrr to say the least!
A very last minute orde....25 pieces Red Velvet Cuppies for Engagement Hantaran, tqs Liza

Anyway...I had all those orders and pick ups on Thrsday, Friday and has to go on, the show was on...I made some  more macarons that night using new ingredients, fresh egg whites, and the night after and the night after........
For a young boy's birthday party, Strawberry Shortbread Tarts and Moist Choc Cuppies with Choc Ganache and M&M's, tqs Yong! 

I cooked Beryani Udang for makan-makan at the office on Wednesday...but Thursday morning we were woken to hub's uncle's passing...Pak Uteh dah cukup hukum, I put everything down, and left for Muar...It was a day trip, and we got home at past 11.30 that night....penat can't describe how we felt.....but moves on....
For a sweet baby sister's engagement! Tq much Tuty...Tuty came to one of my Macaron Tutorial classes! Macarons with Lemon White Choc Ganache!

I managed to complete all these orders, but a bit kecoh on Saturday when I realised that I didn't do a "Happy Birthday" wordings nor have any appropriate candles, while the person picking up the cake was already waiting at my doorstep and I was having my brucnh....oh my! Thank God for a very understanding Amin and a dash I drove to Bagus to get some candles....
Macarons with assorted filling...Pierre Herme Bitter Choc using Valrhona Cocoa, Salted Caramel, Salty Peanut Butter, Raspberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream, Passion Fruit White Choc Ganache and Teh Tarik...tqs Aunty B, Niza and Amizah!
Kak Nana's gift to her friend's daughter's this colours, tqs Kak Nana!
....that was Saturday...come Sunday, while I prepared my ground almond for the coming orders I made this Fruit Pastry Cake (recipe frm Rima!)...awesome!

Fruit Pastry Cake
100g butter, soft
200g caster sugar
50g sour cream, I used 2 tbsp natural yoghurt
3 eggs, lightly beaten
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 tsp lemon zest
210g plain flour sifted with 1 tsp double acting baking powder
500g fruits, i used raspberry, starwberries, blackberries, prunes

1. Prepare an 8inches sq cake tin, I used a loose bottom cake tin. Preheat oven at 170C. Wash fruits and toss with sugar.
2.Cream butter, sugar and lemon zest, and yoghurt until light and fluffy. I used my good old wooden ladle.
3.Add vanilla, add eggs, mix just to incorporate them.
4. Pour in cake tin, scatter fruits on top, but do not press the fruits into the batter.
5.Bake for about 60 to 70 minutes.

The cake was a family favourite, but for a slice that I kept for Razlyn, it was gone the next morning! conclude...I need a new oven and a new fridge :p...tra!


Edi said...

everytime i baca yr posts i macam kena tahan napas! i can imagine how yr life is, with all those bakes, anak2 and work, not to forget. u can never describe it in words.. i know.. in fact, usually org yg sibuk takkan merungut pun.. yg tak sebok buat2 sebok adelah.. (what am i rambling???)

anywayyy... i've been eyeing that fruit pastry for long.. nak buat taknak buat, nak buat taknak buat.. hehe... yrs looks so tempting! rima dah byk kali buat so i know it must be awesome.. kena buat nih!

saturday ni i ade kelas, first time buat kat rumah baru and i'm nervous! haha... takut tak cukup tempat. huhu. boleh ka.

love u!

mimie1678 said...

assalam kak yani...

edi... samalah kita... setiap kali baca entry kak yani mesti mcm tahan2 napas... maybe sbb kita baca sambil bayangkan... hehehehe...

saya pun huru hara last week... with MIL yg masuk spital... huhu... weekend nie adik bongsu pulak tunang...

take care kak!

Mrs & Miss Vanilla said...


I always adore ur macs... all colouring tu in powdered form ke?

Bila nk ajar lg? I nak join la...

Rima said...

sedap kannnnn.. esok akan ku buat lagi after finishing up my last order.. tak sabar cos the other day i dapat makan one slice ajer.. hahah dah bagi orang nak merasa konon! kahkahkah

Anonymous said...

Yanie- love the pink and green combo. My fav colours to choose whenever I get to do cake deco. Things have been very the blue over here.

Have a good weekend.

fqa said...

hi KG..
may i ask you..where did you get all the raspberry???huhu cari merata hypermarket..tapi tak penah dapat..atau mata ni yang tak nampak..
are they from cold storage?

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