Monday, 20 February 2012

Losing Dignity versus Losing Virginity!'s ramblings on Monday again....and this post is not about me. But it's about a lot of women out there! You know, you always think that you have so much to chew, like the world is coming down on you...but nay...there are a lot more people out there with all sorts challenges that you can ever imagine! I know a colleague in IT division whose son is battling his life with some blood disorder disease, only Allah knows his reasons....

Over the weekend, I was battling with time to complete my orders, alhamdulillah, it was indeed a very prosperous weekend! But I also learnt a few how do you feel when your soul-mate woke up and said that he found you as someone he couldn't talk to anymore????? Daft to say the least! And that was his reasons to find another life partner???? Kesian!! Think in that sense it's better to lose virginity than to lose dignity...I don't know, I was just guessing as I never had to go through either, I mean in the adverse way....

.....and life goes on...and that we have to put on a "poker face" indifferent face no matter in what situation...yeah I learnt that too over the weekend! I am blessed with all this beautiful people around me, yes!

But, sorry I didn't have time to try any new recipes...I can only offer you this pictures. They are all mostly the happenings in my kitchen because I almost slept in my kitchen , haha!

The produce that I got from Ng Choong Yeam after I took Khadijah to APSh for a check up. The fruits were for a Pavlova and rainbow Cakes orders.

Found Persimmons in my fridge...must be from Chinese New Year times! Still good, but over riped!

A treat for myself, got some flowers from Ng Choong Yeam!

"Nenek and a heart shape" cut out from fondant to top....

a Hummingbird cake ordered by Anita. Tqs for this order, glad everyone enjoyed this cake!

Muhammad, my constant companion in the kitchen...comot!

..."busy" helping me, when mummy was busy, Muhammad was also busy...his (and Hajar's, they share) rolling pin! 

For a Macaron lover, she and her children! Coffee, Apple Cinnamon, Casis, Raspberry, Macadamia Brittle, tqs Nita!

Nita also ordered this Devil's Food Choc Cake for her son's birthday, I drizzled with Milo powder, yums! Tqs Nita!

She's been ordering since the Milkadeal deal, 50 pcs Red Velvet cuppies for her daughter's birthday. Tqs Halina! Also delivered this on Friday 6.30 am, infront of the zoo, Siti was bringing this cuppies to her kampung for an engagement. Tqs Siti!

Let your weekend be filled with colours....Rainbow cakes! Tqs Sharifah, tqs Zeti! Sharifah also ordered a Pavlova!

Chcocolate Macarons using Valrhona Cocoa powder! Loved by Nita and Nora! Tqs peeps!

One can never tire of this cake Victoria Sandwich Cake, tqs Nora!

Two packs of this Macarons, tqs Kak Cik Mahirah, one beautiful young lady!

...what's left with me yesterday, after the last pick up at around 6...and CikMin  and her family dropped by on their way back to Bentong. I feasted them with Cekodok Pisang, Jemput Bilis, Keropok and some Nasi Arab that I packed during lunch!

...looking for his mommy....sebab tu ada peribahasa "Ibu Kucing", this kitten was left at Zira's house! 

Such is life! Have a productive and healthy week peeps! Bye!


CT Delima said...

Hai KG :)

Thanks singgah Dapur CT, menarik juga blog KG Che Ct follow okey :)

MamaTim said...

waduh waduh buuuk, penat saya melihat kelincahan ibuk menyiapkan semua order.. tabiiik sprriiiing kat U Yani.

On peep's life struggles... I dig U my friend. I too have to put on a smile everyday, encouraging myself to get up, get dressed EVERY single morn. Tapi itulah, cerita kita, susah kita takkan nak cerita kat orang kannn.. Allah saja yang tahu and Alhamdulillah, for a wonderful life partner. I've thought of blogging about it tapi tak sanggup pulak nak jawab bila people start digging in and ask more 'why' questions, so I decided NOT.

Anyway, life goes on and thank God we're Muslims and have Allah blessings alwez insyaAllah..

Cikmin said...

ngeh..ngeh..ngeh..ada jugak terselit my name eh.. :P

p/s my doter dah tuntut.."aunty kata nanti pergi zoo singgah lunch kat rumah aunty"...hahahaha..

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