Monday, 13 February 2012

Monday Blues!

....I am having withdrawal symptoms from the weekend...yes I do! The heat (which was about 42C on Saturday) just overwhelmed me! I gulped so much water and yet it was hot and humid....but the hot weather         was so favourable for making macarons!...and today I still miss and want my weekend, huhu!

I didn't get to try any new recipes over the weekend. I had some orders, yes but last week was a super busy week in the office. By the time I got home and settle with the kids, I was just ready to sleep!

Here's some photos of what I made last week and over the weekend!

A Rainbow Cake ordered by a fellow blogger, friend, legal counsel! Tqs Yatt! 

I had a very short notice to prepare this macarons for a 5 year old birthday bash. Siti of Tyta Treats helped came out with my call cards and labels! Peanut Butter and Jelly and Choc Malt Ganache Macarons. Tqs Siti for this order! [For those who have emailed me about my labels, please visit Siti at the link ya!]

Made this Red Velvet cupcakes for Sharifah. Tqs Sharifah, hope you like the Beryani paste as well!

...some extras which I decided to snap some pictures...must practise my photo taking, you see!

Pavlova...naked..I let Doreen who ordered to assemble it herself with her pretty girls, tqs Doreen! Hope you  liked the Pavlova!

 Assembled this using some strawberries from my fridge and leftover buttercream from Victoria Snadwich kids loved this!

......yeah! My trusted Baking Soda! And please change every 30 days!

Some macaron shells that I made, they dried in 10 minutes after piped on Saturday! Whoaaa! 

Their favourite! Made 2 Victoria Sandwich Cakes with Vanilla Buttercream for Jamaliah! Tqs Jamaliah!

Ahah! This one! I had made this earlier and sprinkled the salt immediately after I piped the shells, and they ended up like volcanos! Made this yesterday and it's perfect for me! Salt Flakes Choc Macarons using Valrhona cocoa powder! Any takers!!??

Okay, gotta go and finish some work! See you!


Mrs & Miss Vanilla said...

Geram betul tgk u punya macarons... U buat mcm mana kalau org order pavlova sbb kalau nak letak topping awal takut soggy pulak kalau x letak dlm fridge?

Azlita Aziz said...

ita pon suka sangat tengok macarons yg KG buat..
warnanya pun lembut aje..

nanti ita nak cuba resepi pink rainbow cake boleh ye.. kalau ita share kat blog :)
geram sangat tgk kek tu..

KG said...

murni, i biasa tak assemble siap siap. i prepare everythg and let the customer assemble sendiri. i know some pple use creme angalise, but i tak suka teehee!

KG said...

of cik azlita, silakan...i sure tak sabar nak tgk how you style them...mine is always hentam keromoh capai apa yg ada!

Mrs & Miss Vanilla said...

Ohhhh thanks Yani for the info given. I selalu guna whipped crm je...with lots of fruit... sedapnya kan..

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