Monday 15 October 2012

How To Compete Against The Big Boys

Hi ya you all peeps...I missed you the entire week last week. Time was so tight I thought I needed to be resuscitated! But thank god , I pulled through! I have about 2 weeks left to complete some mission in the office, with more work and new projects piling up....but hey when the going gets tough, the tough gets going!

I didn't cook the entire week last week except for one night, the rest of the nights were tapau food. I had quite a bit of baking to do.....mac making was almost nightly, and I piped about 350 macarons last week.....don't ask me how I made it, but I did. The aircond hall and dining helped ...a lot!

It's another marathon this week, but I knew I must pen  down a few lines...dah gatal nak tulis hehe...anyway, I just want to share with you this article , which I got from Vivy Yusof's blog! They Vivy and Fadzarudin are young, but they are big in business, I compare them with Mark Zuckerberg and the likes. I drive my inspiration from them, yeah I'm their parents age, but hey so what!

In the article Fadzarudin talk about riding the wave in the industry that you are in and competing with the giants...with enthusiasm! Indeed! it's the enthusiasm that keep me going till the wee hours making cakes and macarons lalalala....and bingeing the wee hours too have made my tummy to grow, bigger!

He also looked at the growing online business to mean a bigger opportunity, and a piece of cake for everyone...owh this so true! ...I believe that you have to be true to yourself, be original, I drive some inspiration and ideas from some bakers, but be yourself!....mmmm...the rest of the article, you go and read! Because I got to run and get Hajar and Muhammad and prepare dinner , hehe. Sorry to let your steam down, wakaka!

...I made this and that new recipes inthe last two weeks, I will post them, not today but maybe tomorrow, or the day after or the day after that, I won't promise!

have a brilliant, productive and healthy week ahead...let's ride the wave...aummmm...

xoxo Yani thekitchenguardian

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