Monday, 22 October 2012

I'm Not A Superwoman!

This song reminds me of the cold and wet autumn days in UK when I struggle to live within the meagre scholarship of 265 pounds 

....emails not answered, text messages delayed, comments not read, pictures not loaded, catching up with whattsapp, yes...and instagram (i love).....d90 and 24-70 left's the time of the year that work is pouring like mad and orders are coming like london's intercity 225....i hope i have not failed you, i'm only human, i still need to keep my day job while i try my best to do all orders after work..

...bear with me peeps with your continuous support...

hugs xoxo, Yani, thekitchenguardian


Unknown said...

Kak Yani..
Over the years, I get this feeling (or get into this situation hehe) time after time, too. Masa tengah crazy busy, nak menangis je rasa. When the storm has passed, mesti kita kagum dengan kebolehan diri sendiri hehe..
Hang in there kak!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yani,
Love your blog, have been checking in every day. You are an inspiration to me. Just wanted to let you know that don't be too hard on yourself for not posting and doing everything else.

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