Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Ouch! Tuesday's Ramblings

....See  what happened this morning....my car just slided and stopped after AKLEH toll, on the way to work! And this was how I drove the car to Panjang, the workshop that we usually go to. Due to the alternator (??) that was not working to distribute power to the engine, the battery became weak. And this was the only to drive the car, otherwise I had to call a tow truck! The AAM guy followed me on his bike!

....once at Panjang's...

...I took out this book that I got last week and started reading! Waited for hubs to get me to the office...

owh...I must "boast" this cake, it's so simple so much so I loved it so much! A Red Velvet cake ordered by dear Iqbal and Yati for Lyana's birthday (Lyana is already 23!!??? Thought she just left school yesterday!)

ok...gotta run, but I thought I must share with you this story about my car this morning , huhu not my rezeki, payback time...

xoxo Yani thekitchenguardian

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